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Saturday, August 14, 2004

You realize of course that Hurricane Charley is all President Bush's least that is what we'll soon hear from the more deluded wing of the Party of Sedition. Tomorrow the President will travel to Florida to survey the damage and that is to be expected but look for the mainstream (read leftwing) media to make it a staged political photo-op in a crucial swing state. This in turn will provide the dems with the opportunity to begin the sniveling about the craven political opportunism of the President.

Fortunately I think Florida is set to vote Republican yet again. Of course much of that depends on how many felons, illegal aliens and dead the dems manage to register and somehow get to the polls between now and the election. Speaking of which, with 80 days more or less until the election I want to challenge my readers. Currently WKWR is sitting at about 3200 hits. I want 5000 or more by election day so spread the word and let's get it done. Let's educate the muddled masses and change a few of them dem votes while we're at it.

Since we're discussing changing voter's minds, how about using our powers of persuasion. Well reason, facts and logic all bounce off democrats like superballs off concrete. Nope, we gonna have to break out our secret weapons, superior beauties like actress Angie Harmon, our Friday Featurette...

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