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Friday, July 30, 2004

At long last, the turgid display of bonhomie is over. The reinvention convention, the fawning tribute to decades of failed social programs and failed socialists is finally over. Jean Querry last night accepted the nomination of the french party, the party of sedition and what did he say in his much anticipated bloviation otherwise known as an acceptance speech? Well he sounded remarkably like a Republican.

Jean said that we would strike mercilessly at any country who dared to attack us. (Isn't President Bush doing this now?) Monsieur le Condiment said that he wanted to re-instill trust in the White House. (Huh? did Clinton sneak back in? I happen to trust our current CinC.) The french candidate said that he wanted to give 98% of Americans a tax cut. Ruh roh...I suspect that myself and some of my friends are suddenly going to be listed on IRS rolls as rich for tax purposes, good news for cops everywhere, you've just been placed in a new tax bracket without a raise!! (President Bush's tax cuts are more than sufficient thank you. After all, if you actually PAY taxes, then that would be a good candidate for a tax cut, not some basehead tax abuser, living off government hand-outs.)

More fluff from the speech that wouldn't end? How about his commitment to fight the war on terror? A poll taken at the democrat convention revealed that 93% of attendees opposed the War in Iraq. Lurch voted for it and then against it. Then he said that we needed to involve the world community, ignoring the coalition of 30 countries commiting troops or money to the cause. Then again, Querry wanted NATO more involved knowing full well that NATO has no troops to commit thanks to their welfare recipient mindset of accepting American largesse to cover their defense needs. What he really meant by that statement was that America should have worked harder to convert the corrupt french and Germans to our side. In direct contradiction to this stance, last night, there was Monsieur Querry, telling all who would listen and forget, that he would NEVER subjugate American security to the whims or vetoes of other nations. Thanks Jean, but we already have a President who is doing that. All in all, I don't see anything to cause us as a nation to need to change our CinC.

These next 95 days will be fraught with anxiety for many I'm sure. I for one plan on working hard to make certain that the other side experiences the greater anxiety come day 96....In the meantime, here is our Friday Featurette...former Playboy Playmate Yvette Rachelle....

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