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Thursday, July 08, 2004

So now we know. The little game of keep the secret that Jean Querry has been playing with the American Electorate is now over and the Jean/Jean ticket is underway. This was such an utterly predictable move that it does no real credit to Querry and being as there is the better part of 5 months to assault the Party of Sedition's ticket, today I'd like to rail about some other items.

Those of you who keep track of such things know that I was on vacation this past week and so there has been a dearth of posts around here. You'll recall that I was deep behind enemy lines, enjoying a 4th of July weekend in the Bay Area and trying to give my son some of the wonderful experience that I had growing up. Instead, let me tell you a tale of two 4ths.

First there was mine, we were up early and off to church. (You libs quick, turn your heads so the word church doesn't burn your eyes out!) After Sunday meeting, we enjoyed a quick breakfast and then I gathered up my son and we walked the 6 blocks to the point where we would watch the annual Alameda Fourth of July Parade. Well lemme tellya, the parade that I remember being heavy on sailors, marines, military hardware, patriotism and marching bands has devolved something awful. Instead of American Legion Posts or Marine Corps Reserve Units, we were treated to alleged floats by groups like the Alameda Potluck Lesbian Society and MoveOn.Org. High School marching bands no longer march, they ride on rented flatbed trucks. What used to be a celebration of America's Birthday and pride and patriotism has become instead a perverted display of diversity. Mariachi Bands and Mexican dancers? I love both, keep a collection of Mariachi music at my desk, but I came to watch a Fourth of July parade not a Cinco de Mayo display. Partisan politics were apparent as well. Massive entries from ultra-leftist groups like and dozens of sickly marchers demanding an end to the War on Terror. A huge float titled the USS John Kerry inflicted itself on my vision as well, touting typical soothing leftist babble with slogans like "take our country back". Yeah those democrats sure have forgotten the 2000 election. The only nod to the Republican Party? A single Ford Tempo carrying 4 aged members of the Alameda Chapter of the Republican Women. I had to thank them for their courage and fortitude in enduring such a celebration of American Independence. Somehow, when the Founding Fathers put the finishing touches on the Declaration of Independence those 228 years ago, I don't think they had such displays in mind.

Cut away now to the Fourth enjoyed by reader Dave Ponte of Sparks, NV. Dave was fortunate enough to enjoy a Padres game at Petco Stadium where members of the military were feted. Some 5000 members of the Marines and Navy were treated to the ballgame, a flyover of F14s from North Island brought the crowd instantly to it's feet with an earsplitting cheer. The Sailors and Marines stood and sang lustily during the National Anthem, leading the crowd. Endless lines of thankful attendees taking time to congratulate our fighting men and women for their conduct of the War and to thank them for their service. Dave relates that during his stay in San Diego, he witnessed many instances of service members being treated to drinks and meals by thankful citizens.

Of course I attribute the entire disparity between two communities in California to the seditious activities of Ron Dellums, Dianne Feinstein, Pete Stark, George Miller and every other member of the democrat California congressional delegation, who during the 1980s stuck repeated fingers into the eyes of the military in the Bay Area and now are reaping what they sowed. The closure of so many bases in what is one of the world's finest natural harbors was an economic disaster for the Bay Area and apparently a cultural one as well. That is unless you actually subscribe to the "Salad Bowl" theory of American assimilation which is so currently in vogue. As for me, I still believe that the melting pot works best and I believe that the tale of Two Fourths detailed above demonstrates that....

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
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