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Friday, June 25, 2004

If Jim Hank thinks I've been napping and have forgotten that this weekend is a big cross Bay series between the Giants and the A's, well he's hurting. But not as hurtin' as his Giants are going to be once they run into the kitchen tool that the A's are going to be now that Billy Beane went out and got us a closer who can throw harder than your average junior leaguer. Speaking of sports, I played the goat track at RedHawk today and what a bipolar round. Ugly front nine, respectable back nine, Texas wedge worked all day for me, three jacked once, dropped a three spot of one putts and two punched the rest. Still, the members there are determined to turn the course into a contender for a spot on the British Open rota with some of those 15 yard wide fairways....

Seems Vice President Cheney told a certain seditious senator from Vermont, who was once removed from the Senate Intelligence committee for his practice of leaking information, to perform a physiologically impossible act. I for one applaud the plain-spoken man from Wyoming and can't wait for the wailing and sniveling of the left to make itself manifest. Then I will remind them gently of their beloved "Give'em Hell" Harry Truman and Lyndon "Great Society" Johnson, both of whom could make a sailor blush with their seasoned wording. Besides, "leaky" Leahy is lucky the Vice President didn't dough-pop him one.

More good news for Republicans, the latest round of polls show President Bush beginning to edge out Jean Querry and taking a lead in crucial battleground states such as Ohio and Florida. The news on those two states is especially good in that the President's lead now exceeds the MoE in both the Harris and Foxnews/Opinion Dynamics polls. Now I know I shouldn't get too excited, after all I been preaching that the only poll that counts is the Electoral College. Surveys of the most recent state polls though show the President now enjoying a lead in sufficient states to provide 285 electoral votes. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Now then, if this election is close, how long do you suppose it will be before the libs start once more calling for the abolition of the electoral college? That would be a constitutional crisis but one I can see the self indulgent left purposely engaging in order to restore the power to the coasts and northeast corridor and urban centers. Socialist Amerika's way of perpetrating a Dick Cheney euphemism on real America or flyover country if you will. Ah well, enough worrying and rambling for now, I've got a small brisket flat, about 3 lbs on the smoker and it should be about ready to come off and I also need to catch the A's-Giants game and post the Friday Featurette. That being the case...I give you this week's honoree....SheDaisy currently topping the Country Music Charts, if their talent level is anything like their looks, hijo le mano, this is a 3 sister act, which begs the question...What does their mother look like?

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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