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Saturday, June 19, 2004

In case you hadn't heard, President George W. Bush came to town yesterday. Of course you'd expect that Smilin' Paul Villa would be there and you'd be correct. Of course when Smilin' Paul is executing his duties as Nevada's premier cyber-congressman, you can bet that he goes first cabin. In plain English, (which happens to be the official language of WKWR) I got some VIP passes which put me about 50 feet away from Big Daddy while he was speaking. I have numerous pictures which I will post when I get them souped. President Bush worked the rope line after the event and while my better half and I tried mightily, we couldn't get any closer than about 15 feet to him in the crush of people.

It was quite a day. The lovely and talented Mrs. Cyber-congressman accompanied me and we enjoyed mocking the several hundred leftists who came out to protest the leader of the free world. I'll give the commies credit, some of their signs were actually amusing. I do have a suggestion for them though, they might benefit from a little spell checking. Of course you'll see for yourselves when I post the pictures. Another thing about them un-American little bastiges, somebody outta call the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and get them to look after these protestors. Some of them look to feel mighty puny and some others just look like mobile nests for rodents.

On the up side, as you all know, I am something of a news junkie and so I have seen President Bush give many campaign speeches. I was expecting the same canned speech here in Reno but was I pleasantly surprised. El Jefe was extremely animated, articulate and personable. I expected him to mangle at least a few words but he didn't. He was passionate and forceful and looks ready to carry the fight to the Party of Sedition. Here is a link to the full text of the President's speech in Reno. The crowd was loud and enthusiastic, originally the event was only supposed to be an invitation gig for a few hundred ardent Republicans, word got out that the POTUS was coming to town and so they printed up a few thousand tickets to give away. They went in a matter of hours, people waiting in long lines to get them. That being the case, the local Republican party put out the word and so a total of 10,000 tickets were given away. Lemme tell you, I'm glad it was Republicans, because they crammed 10,000 of us into an area designed for less than 7,000. You can only imagine what that would have been like if they coulda found 10,000 democrats in Reno, I mean given their general aversion to hygiene and what not.

In any event, it's about time to hit the rack. I need to get up early and mow the lawn so I can enjoy the remainder of Father's Day watching what should be a wonderful final round in the U.S. Open. Hitting Rosewood Swamp on Monday and hoping to be inspired. Lastly, reader Bill Ames has chimed in requesting that this week's (tardy) Republicandy be a picture of LeeAnn Rimes. Well since I'm a fan of the country crooner, I'm only too happy to oblige....

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