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Friday, June 04, 2004

It's FRIDAY!!! and what a great day for democracy!! OK, I'm not big fan of George Tenet and personally I'm glad to see him go. I think it's about 2.5 years too late but what the hell, better late than never. Tenet was the kind of guy you'd love to have at the party. The guy who knew all the right girls to call and had the good jokes. The guy you could tell, "Hey George, take care of picking up the keg" and it would be taken care of. In other words, he was everybody's pal. Of course this is not the type of guy I want running Central Intelligence. I would prefer someone who is cold, ruthless, calculating and above all, has American interests as his number 1 priority. It would also help if he were a MENSA like genius or failing that then at least have a modicum of street smarts. One last thing about Tenet, since he was a holdover from the administration of IMPEACHED ex-president Clinton, he should have been canned 3 years ago. Of course President Bush kept him around precisely because Tenet had that ability to convince everyone he was your pal. Not necessarily competent mind you, just a pal, and everyone knows how hard it is to fire a buddy. So there is blame to go around here. Clinton should never have appointed the fraternity rush committee chair to head Central Intelligence and President Bush should never have kept him around so long..

Beyond the news about Tenet resigning yesterday, the other event which made it such a stellar day for American democracy was the arrival at last of my new sticks. I been playing the same tired King Cobra irons since I bought them off reader Dave Ponte 8 years ago. Time to upgrade....boy them babies are beggin' to hit the course. A beautiful full set of Ben Hogan CFT Edge irons, hybrid 3-4, standard length, lie and shaft, shaved grips. Tee time is 0758 Monday down at Silver Oak which I affectionately call Goat Hills from time to time in deference to that great American Dan Jenkins. It's gonna be a long weekend..... lets get down to Friday bidness...I was scouting around and while I know we have honored Ann Coulter as the Friday Featurette at least twice before, I found a picture of her last night which I think will appeal particularly to those of us like myself and readers Keith "Tall" DeBisschop and James "Redline" Langan who love and respect the 2nd amendment. To that end, I give you Ms. Ann Coulter, Constitutional Attorney and Conservative Beauty exercising her 2nd Amendment Right......

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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