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Monday, May 31, 2004

Happy Memorial Day. As I have observed in the past, it's nice having so many diverse readers out there and so many friends willing to read the blog and send in items of interest. On this Memorial Day, when we remember the sacrifices of so many in the Armed Forces, I thought a snippet about a Marine Capt. in Iraq would be appropos. Thanks to reader and frequent contributor Dan Lynch for this.

Meet Marine Captain Brian R. Chontosh:

While leading his platoon north on Highway 1 toward Ad Diwaniyah,
Chontosh's platoon moved into a coordinated ambush of mortars, rocket
propelled grenades and automatic weapons fire. With coalitions tanks
blocking the road ahead, he realized his platoon was caught in a kill zone.

He had his driver move the vehicle through a breach along his flank, where
he was immediately taken under fire from an entrenched machine gun. Without
hesitation, Chontosh ordered the driver to advanced directly at the enemy
position enabling his .50 caliber machine gunner to silence the enemy.

He then directed his driver into the enemy trench, where he exited his
vehicle and began to clear the trench with an M16A2 service rifle and 9
millimeter pistol. His ammunition depleted, Chontosh, with complete
disregard for his safety, twice picked up discarded enemy rifles and
continued his ferocious attack.

When a Marine following him found an enemy rocket propelled grenade
launcher, Chontosh used it to destroy yet another group of enemy soldiers.

When his audacious attack ended, he had cleared over 200 meters of the enemy
trench, killing more than 20 enemy soldiers and wounding several others.

- - -

And nothing in the major media. What media bias?

Be sure to check back later tonight for some Memorial Day BBQ tips. It's been a busy grillin' weekend around here and I tellya, I made the best grilled Salmon ever yesterday. Recipe posted later...

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