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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Well after much agonizing, I am going to indulge my brother Rick and post his favorite Fox News infobabe as the Friday Featurette. Yeah I know it's a day late but I've been busy at work and at home. School work is done for the semester so I should be having some extra keyboard time shortly. Once again, I will be in Washington this next week and I am taking the laptop so I will try mightily to get some commentary and perspective posted. Don't know how much free time I'll have but I do plan on visiting Arlington and the new WW2 Memorial. I am scheduled to meet with that icon of the party of sedition, Harry Reid but in deference to Association business, I will have to let my compatriot do the talking and I'll mind my tongue. Boy, to think I decried Dale Bumpers and John Stennis when they were in the Senate as being too liberal. Whatever happened to democrats like them? Hell they would be kicked out of Teddy "Breaststroke" Kennedy's democrat party.

In any event, I need to start packing so I have to wind this up shortly. I have plenty to say about the ongoing prisoner scandal but I don't reckon the Party of Sedition is going to let this pass anytime soon so I will address it later this week from D.C. In the meantime, a day late, I give you the Friday Featurette, the lovely and talented FNC Infobabe, Laurie Dhue, a proper Southern Belle who hails from the Tarheel State, we should all have been so lucky if they produce beauty and brains like this in Dixie....

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