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Friday, April 23, 2004

Here is a story about a true Friday featurette. Please look at this link if you have any doubts about the War or the noble efforts being made by our fighting men and women. Also please note that when leftists like Charlie Rangel call for a return to the draft, remember this remarkable young lady who didn't need to go in harms way but has chosen to do so. Those of you who know me know that the only regret I have in life was that for a faulty hepatitis test, I was denied my dream of serving in the Armed Forces. Young people like Kate Norley serve to remind this middle aged man recall that there are hundreds of thousands more like her should we ever need it and I pray we don't. I can think of no finer tribute to a fallen American hero like Pat Tillman, KIA in Afghanistan yesterday, than to feature his sister in arms. Please do read this article and look at the pictures. Ms. Kate Norley, a daughter of American privilege is making a difference and she could be the girl next door. European and Pacific Stars & Stripes


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