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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Yesterday being your humble correspondent's birthday and today being the day when I traditionally suffer through the Curse of April the 6th, I was going to put off adding anything to the blog. However, it appears the Curse of April the 6th is still in effect. Today our Soldiers and Marines are locked in heavy fighting throughout Iraq but especially in the Sunni Triangle. I hope and pray that our President has the fortitude I believe he does and that he is prepared to do the right thing. This insurgency must be put down, now and without quarter to any combatants. Force and death is the only thing these monsters understand. Iraq is not ready for democracy and perhaps it is an unfeasible dream for that part of the world. Come June 30th we will find out when the Coalition hands over Political Sovereignity to the Iraqis. That is why this fight must be taken to the enemy now. Democracy will only have the chance to take root in Iraq if the insurgents and whacko ideologues, baathists and foreign terrorists are terminated with extreme prejudice. This is war and we must stop treating it like a police action.

I grieve for every man and woman lost today and every day in Iraq and I grieve for their families as well. I do not wish to see more flag draped American coffins come back to Dover AFB. However I understand and so should all of you that the fight which is going on now, half a world away is necessary to ensure that the fight does not come back home. Each terrorist or Mullah supporter killed now, represents one less threat to America. I have reminded each of you that the President stated in the wake of Sept. 11, 2001 that this would be a war unlike any other and that it would long and there would be setbacks. To hear the liberal news media report it, you would have thought that our troops had been driven back to Kuwait. Sometimes I wonder how this country ever produced men like those of the 2nd Marine Division which suffered 80% casualties in the initial assault on Tarawa. How did we fight the War between the States when 1000 man regiments were often reduced to fewer than a hundred by wars end?

After one year, remarkable progress has been made in Iraq. We should not let a single crazed mullah with a private army and indignant holdouts from the deposed regime force us to change our course. Rather these elements should be hunted down and killed. Yes, killed. Not captured. I can understand capturing a few for their intelligence value but the greater statement is made by the judicious application of overwhelming deadly force.

In the meantime, I pray to Almighty God that He bring peace to this troubled region, that He look over and protect our soldiers and marines and their families during these times of terror and uncertainty...


Today our Marines and Soldiers
Are fighting and dying on our behalf
Lower the flag of your heart
Out of respect to half-staff

They were all volunteers
They didn't have to be there
But they paid the ultimate price
Because for you and me they cared

Give them all honor, all glory
It can never be half of what they're due
These men of honor and courage
Who died loving the red, white and blue


Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


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