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Thursday, April 01, 2004

For those of you anxiously awaiting the Friday Featurette I'm here to post her early so as to make up for last week's tardiness. Of course it's not much in my nature to just post a pretty face without ranting about something. Right now, even more than Jean "Effing" Kerry the situation in Iraq is really knotting my chones. I am not getting mushy about it but to see the desecration of fellow Americans and the vile things done to their bodies by the Sunni's in Fallujah makes me want to start lobbing the big boys in there to see how the Iraqis would like a vast new parking lot. Of course I understand that that is not realistic but neither is it realistic to expect savages and cutthroat barbarians to bow to Western niceties. The Carthaginians got the idea when Rome leveled their towns and salted their fields. The Vietnamese similarly learned that one might trifle with the french, but not the Foreign Legion. These beasts who are really nothing more than gangsters operating under the guise of militant Islam understand and respect one thing....force.

It is my belief that force must be applied here as if we were dealing with a common criminal street gang. Stateside we would run a sweep and round them up and arrest them. If a gangster runs or fights, he gets tackled and appropriately suppressed while the custodial process takes place. In Fallujah we needn't attempt arrests. Any resistance should be met with the immediate application of overwhelming firepower. The gangsters and terrorists will understand that.

Now this weeks featurette is the Fox Fav of yours truly. While Fox News is certainly not wanting for attractive anchors and reporters, my personal favorite is Kiran Chetry. This Nepalese Native can report to me anytime....

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