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Monday, April 12, 2004

As first weeks of the Baseball season go, I'll take it. The A's are seated atop the AL West and the damnedyankees are sucking air at .500. Now if only A-Rod would develop scabies or something. To make things even nicer, the Giants are off to a decent start despite the worry of numerous friends. Of course, I still despise Barry Bonds but that isn't sufficient cause for me to dislike the entire team. I would love to see another Bay Bridge series and who knows...right now the A's magic number is 156.... What really made this weekend a great sports weekend though was Lefty finally breaking through and winning the Masters. If you didn't see that back 9 at Augusta on Sunday, or you thought it was boring, then you are obviously of the same type that dislike baseball because it's boring. This of course means that you're intellectually challenged enough that you'll probably vote for Kerry. Hell my in-laws were thrilled watching that back nine and neither of them plays golf.

In other news, I see that we are still pussyfooting around in Iraq. I continue to be hopeful that the President isn't inhibiting the prosecution of combat operations and all reports I've read indicate that he has given the military the green light to do whatever they require during operations. While refreshing, this points to military HQs as being too PC to vigorously press the issues. Fallujah should be reduced to rubble now that women and children have had ample time to evacuate. Similarly, the private militia of Cleric al-Sadr should be hunted down remorselessly and either killed or captured. Why this is taking soo long to happen is confounding to me. Although there was good news today, the US Commanders are finally requesting more combat troops which I think is prudent. Unfortunately, this will not result in the raising of 4 additional infantry divisions which I called for last week.

Meanwhile, President Bush continues to slide in polls but I'm not worried about that. For one thing, he is well funded and secondly, the only poll that counts is November 2. There is plenty of time to turn this mess around.

I know I skipped last week's recipe so we're going to make it up here. As promised we turn this week to an American classic, the humble tuna salad sandwich. This was prompted by a visit to one of the many web boards I frequent where there was a discussion about how to make the perfect tuna sandwich. Well I had ample opportunity to try several recipes during the Lenten season and I think that the most satisfying and least objectionable is the one that follows:

1 can of tuna, drained
1 dill pickle finely chopped
1/4 of a medium onion finely chopped
mayonnaise to taste
tabasco sauce to taste
pepper to taste

Ok, this is really simple, mix the tuna, pickle, onion and mayonnaise together in a bowl. Now season with some tabasco and pepper if desired otherwise, just spoon it onto bread. Now we have more variations. I am a firm believer in the primacy of white bread for grilled cheese, peanut butter and jelly and tuna salad sandwiches. I like to pile it on at least a 1/3' to 1/2" thick. Alternatively, try toasting the bread and throwing a slice of cheddar or swiss onto it so begins to melt and then press the tuna between the slices. Quick tuna melt. Also, everyone knows that tuna salad is made to serve with potato chips. In my humble epicurean opinion, the best possible chip for this none other than Lay's plain ol' potato chips. You know, yellow and white bag...a classic...mix yourself up a need to wait until next Lent...good eatin' on ya!!

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