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Thursday, April 08, 2004

As I am occasionally wont to do, I am going to wax rhapsodic here for a moment before I blow a gasket. My usual custom is to head out and feed the horse about 0530-0545 every morning. What makes this morning memorable was the absolutely stunning predawn sky that blanketed Northern Nevada. Out east over Spanish Peak the first streaks of pink from the rising sun were giving the sky a beautiful tint. Out west, a near full moon hung over the Hungry Mountain Range and cast a pale yellow glow on the soft grays and purples of the clouds stippling the sky. The sky itself was another blend of deep blue and lighter was simply a breathtaking sight and made me stop to appreciate for a moment the beautiful world God has given us.

Having paid homage to the dawn, I had to confront the fact that this is one of those weeks where good news is scarce. Fighting in Fallujah and other points in Iraq is heavy. If there is anything good in the fighting, it is simply that the enemy has shown himself now and will be subject to the mercies of the United States military. Of course that does not alleviate the pain of each American killed or wounded. Perhaps I'm being overly pessimistic today and I know that my stereotyping will really cheese off the progressives but in my view, the Middle East is not ready for democracy and won't be until Islam emerges from the Dark Ages. Of course Radical Islam is not the only enemy, how about these gems from democrats discussing the deaths of the American security contractors last week in Fallujah:

Michele Catalano ran a quiz on her site, A Small Victory, yesterday. Guess which one of the following is not a genuine quote from a contributor to Democratic Underground:

1. Contractors wear hardhats and carry lunch pails - These guys are mercenaries.

2. Death to ALL mercenaries. The beer is on me.

3. Sad, if I were the wife I would have said hell no you won't go; the wife must have said great pay-check and the hubby, yeah, can buy a Hummer when I get back.

4. These swine were MERCENARIES. Paid Hessians. Murderers for hire. They're worse than Al-Queda. At least Al-Queda is fighting for a cause. I say "too bad, so sad, bye-bye."

5. They are Mercenaries - They are in it for the money, they are thugs and hoodlums, working outside the boundaries of the law. And yesterday the Resistance got even with 4 of them in a barbecue ceremony, that alas pushed the bounds of good taste.

6. Mercenaries - These men are just serial killers with a good retirement plan. They deserve what they get.

Well, actually it was a trick question. The quotes are all genuine. They were all posted by Democrats. It should be noted that these men died while employed to safeguard food shipments. Yeah murderers providing relief. Now after reading that garbage is there anyone among you who wonder why I refer to the democrat party as the Party of Sedition? They have no sympathy for the fallen Americans and their invective should demostrate that not only are they petty, ill-informed and spiteful, they have absolutely no love for America.

It's bad enough that our troops have to fight the enemy abroad, but to have to deal with this sort of seditious vermin back home is more than they should have to bear. Intelligence being gathered indicates that there is a significant amount of foreign fighters being encountered in Iraq. Once again, the left fail to understand that this is a GLOBAL war. They moan that this is indicative of the world being against us. True, the radical islamofascist world IS against us. Every terrorist from any country that comes to Iraq and is sent to his reward is one less terrorist to plan mischief here at home. If you cannot grasp that simple concept, please don't vote this November, you probably have something more important to do anyway, like inventory your sock drawer...

Before anyone among you think I'm being overly partisan, well like they say in the Russian Marines, toughski chitski, get your own blog. Besides, I am royally bent out of shape at our President right now as well. I have said it before and I will say it again, we don't have enough troops on the ground. Predator drones are neat and so are B2 bombers and M1 tanks and F15s and the like. But it takes boots on the ground to occupy territory and unless we begin to raise new divisions we will remain overly reliant on reserve and National Guard troops who are already being stretched thin. In my estimation we require at minimum 4 additional infantry divisions which would only ameliorate by half the damage done by the Clinton administration to our standing Army. I wish the President would simply call Rumsfeld into his office and tell him "Looky here Rummy, I don't give a big rat's ass what you've been saying before about a smaller, more efficient armed forces, we're at war and we need more troops to open them cans of whoop ass!"....or something like that.

Would it cost? Sure it would...probably billions but I'd rather see my tax dollars going to 4 new infantry divisions rather that some funding for crackheads in the inner city and I think most of you would too, otherwise you'd be visiting the cool-aid drinkers over at DU. Ok. couple quick announcements now that I got all that off my chest...

1. Due to the seriousness of the situation in Iraq, there will be no Friday Featurette tomorrow. It seems somewhat frivolous when our boys are fighting and dying to keep us safe.

2. Sacrifice...get your ass down to Costco and buy supplies for the troops and then take them to the nearest Red Cross station for shipping. Baby Wipes, toothpaste, beef jerky, Pringles chips, mouthwash, chewing tobacco, cigarettes..whatever you can think some and send it to them. Don't they deserve at least that much?

3. Donate blood....enough said...

4. Pray that our boys shoot straight and have ample ammunition....Perhaps that sounds crass, but in a firefight, there is nothing more precious than ample ammo and effective fire...

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


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