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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Well folks, things are going to be quiet around the ol' reading post for a few days while my family and I enjoy an Independence Day deep behind enemy lines in the Bay Area. Not wanting anyone sniveling about the lack of a Friday Featurette or whatnot, I decided to pop in right quick and take care of that Thursday night so we can make a clean get away in the morning. Big doings this past week and of course, insufficient time to address the big issues. I thought the handover of power to Iraqis two days early was a stroke of brillance. Of course the left couldn't wait to cry out that it was merely a sign of desperation and that the entire episode reeked of America running away.

Let's see, if an armed robber tells you he's going to rob you on a certain date, do you prepare yourself? Do you change your routine? Do you meekly go about your usual business accepting the inevitable? Everyone in the world knew that terrorists would strike throughout Iraq on the 30th of June, staging the handover of power two days early sucked the air right out of their sails and again, was brilliant. But I forgot, foriegn policy ideas are only brilliant when they cost additional taxpayer dollars and spew forth from some liberal luminaries' mind.

This being July 1, it's a bittersweet day. Today I'mm celebrating a pair of birthdays for Mama cybercongressman and my daughter. On the other hand, 141 years ago this date, the largest battle ever seen on the North American landmass began. While day 1 at Gettysburg was a Southern victory, the Union rallied over the next two days to defeat the Army of Northern Virginia and send Robert E. Lee back south of Mason-Dixon. Oh well, enough rambling, on to the Friday Featurette, the lovely and talented Rachael Hunter...

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