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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Not being one to brag on my cooking, I'm loathe to even mention the two racks of perfectly handcrafted St. Louis ribs that I pulled out of the Laz-E-Q today. Add to that my sister Cris' award winning potato salad with pineapple upside down cake for dessert and you have a feast worthy of a foreign dignitary, unless he happens to be french in which case you can always order from Dominos. What better end to a Sunday than to catch a little tube while sipping some fine 12 yr old Glenlivet, completely content from the half rack of ribs and side potato salad you devoured at early supper? Perfect weekend, Beto having taken to helping out around the corral and even mounting the new horse lately. I finally got him to sit through an entire "Duke" Wayne movie since it had horses in it. Made him watch Fort Apache with me. Ah...those were the days, before the Sedition Lobby took over Tinseltown.

Now I know for fact that there was one helluva party down in the Bay Area this week and to Mick Daniels, I have but one thing to say..."You'll be sorrrreeeee!" Speaking of the Bay...I see the A's were the ones to run into a kitchen tool. Droppin' 2 outta 3 to the Giants. So much for the new closer. Dotel didn't exactly inspire confidence in his debut. Oh season is around the corner now and I'm fixin' to bring back Coach Hargus "Pig" Hughes to take the reins of my fantasy league team. For those of you unfamiliar with the Coach, he led my Bay Bomber franchise for years before a rather ugly departure in a dispute he had with the team's owner, the eccentric Paul "DeBartolo" Villa. We're hoping for big things outta the coach so stay tuned.

Now I really need to get in a shot at the feedy frenzy currently ongoing over Michael "South Beach Diet" Moore's latest alleged documentary. Why on earth do people take the word of this slob seriously? Despite having his film Bowling for Columbine debunked line by line, despite being shown that the movie was factually incorrect and that Moore engaged in completely biased research that in itself was corrupted, despite all this, Hollyweird persisted in awarding the portly producer an Oscar. Fine if it had been awarded for fiction but no, it was given on the basis of best documentary. So now the frenchies are touting his latest, Fahrenheit 911 and lines of gullible lefties, seeking affirmation of their life's beliefs are flocking like lemmings to the flick. Moore of course says it's completely factual but he makes no attempt to disguise his anti-Bush agenda. Someone remind me, when and how did the partisan fighting become so bad?

You see, I recall when President Bush came to office, he pledged to unite the factions on Capitol Hill. He had worked with democrats in Texas and sought to do the same. Of course, smarting over the Constitutionally correct election of 2000, the party of sedition did everything it could to make life miserable for the President and pretty much single handedly destroyed his overtures of goodwill. Remember the school vouchers that President Bush touted in his campaign? Dropped at the insistence of democrats. As if that wasn't friendly enough, Bush then invited Teddy "Scuba" Kennedy to write the No Child Left Behind legislation that the President is now being beaten up on by the teacher unions. Once again, the left conveniently forgets that it was one of their own that wrote the legislation. Of course the bloviating Senator from Massachusetts, no the other one, isn't going to remind them. The President simply should have rammed school vouchers down the considerable maw of the socialists.

In any event, I don't want to ruin my Sunday evening reflections on thoughts of the senior Senator from the People's Republic of Taxxachusetts. Instead I'll leave you with this week's recipe a day early. Let's talk about those ribs.

Take one package of fresh, non-injected St. Louis cut spareribs. I like to cut the rack in half so they fit into my smoker easier. Now I rinse the ribs and pat them dry and then remove the membrane on the backside of the ribs by inserting a butter knife between the membrane and the bone and pulling up. Now, sprinkle equal parts of turbinado sugar and kosher salt on the ribs. Next sprinkle on cayenne pepper, black pepper, garlic powder, paprika and onion powder. Rub the mixture into the meat and then seal the meat in plastic ziploc bags and refrigerate overnight. The next morning, about six hours before you want to eat, throw them in the smoker over some apple or pecan pellets or wood, whichever you can find. Smoke them for at least 5 hrs at 200-225 degrees. Then transfer them to a grill where you can keep the heat low while you glaze them with your preferred sauce. I used a raspberry-chipotle sauce today and lemme tellya, it was good eatin' on ya!...enjoy and until next time I remain...

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


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