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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Today I argued with a democrat. Normally I try to avoid such activities as they tend to be bad for my blood pressure and usually result in the need for strong drink. Beating your head on a concrete pillar could produce the same result as arguing with a democrat and is probably more enjoyable. Despite the fact that the poor bastige was intellectually unarmed and I ran rings around him with facts and logic, nothing could dissuade the misguided fellow that his hatred of the President was ill-placed and based on misinformation. That is what is so stunning to me about the left, the absolute hatred of G.W. Bush.

He lied about the WMD in Iraq this fellow stated. No he did not. President Bush made a calculated judgement based on the best intelligence estimates he could obtain from the CIA and based upon intelligence estimates from Britain and Russia as well. He has said repeatedly that although we have not found WMD in Iraq, given the same information, he would have made the same call again. This is not lying, this is making a mistake based on judgement. Something that in law enforcement we call good faith effort. Let's not forget that the Bush Doctrine laid out in the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, specifically targeted countries who harbored, aided or abetted terrorists. Iraq certainly qualified on all those counts regardless of any direct connection to Sept. 11. When I pointed all of this out to my misguided workmate, he became flustered and raged that 1,100 Americans were dead because of Bush. I pointed out to him that 3,000 and more were dead because we did nothing to fight terrorism over the last 20 years. I further pointed out to him that while 1,100 Americans may have perished, 50 million people now live free in Afghanistan and Iraq. His reply? "I don't care about them." Typical lefty response.

It's funny, folks like this can forgive IMPEACHED ex-president Clinton who looked directly into America's eye and deliberately and demonstrably lied about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky but G.W. Bush, acting on good faith and in the interests of America, makes a judgement call based on the best intelligence available and he is vilified. Wonderful folks the left. When I pointed this out to my acquaintance, he sputtered and bleeted that Bush's policies would ensure a national debt for his children to pay. You know, I seem to recall being told in the 80s that me and my children would be paying for Reagan's debt for generations to come. Amazingly, as democrats never tire of pointing out, budgetary balance was restored during the Clinton regime. That it was done with a Republican congress is conveniently left unmentioned by commies everywhere. You see, we can balance the budget after record debts but the last time we did it the wrong way. Instead of cutting worthless social programs better left to states and local agencies, we gouged the Department of Defense much to our later detriment. In any event I point all this out only to highlight the animosity of the left to the President. The hatred is beyond reason, facts and logic make no impact on them, perhaps ballots will, please ensure that President Bush receives over 50% of the vote this we can avoid the sniveling in the future....

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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