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Sunday, September 05, 2004

I know I'm behind and it seems like no matter how much I'd like to post something to my devoted readers, whether it be a recipe, news or featurettes other real life events seem to jump in the way. So first off, I'd like to get this past week's featurette posted and make some commentary on the just past RNC.

It's becoming rapidly apparent that the RNC provided a measurable boost to the prospects of President Bush. Most every poll released since has shown a bump for him of at minimum 4 pts and most are more. There really shouldn't be much guesswork as to why. Every speaker delivered a message which was in itself readily discernable and all of which collectively pointed to the Republican agenda. In other words, American voters tuning into the convention actually got a message from this convention. The message of the DNC? "I'm John Kerry and I was in Vietnam so don't question either my politics or my patriotism". Kerry assiduously avoided mention of his dismal career in the Senate or his overachieving in the fine art of flip flopping. Americans were and are ready for an optimistic candidate who has a vision, articulates it and makes the Nation feel secure. President Bush succeeded on all counts.

Of course the democrats have to still be smarting after the lashing they received at the verbal woodshed from one of their own. Zell Miller most certainly embodies a throwback to an era when a congressman could call them like he saw them and wouldn't shy away from a duel to defend his honor. None of that would have mattered however had the dems simply provided a meaningful message to the American people. Instead it was a festival of Bush-bashing and inarticulate speeches capped by MamaT droning on in tongues, even when she spoke English. It was a giant put off to the swing voters who weren't given any meaningful reason to vote for Kerry.

Another nail in the Kerry coffin was the Friday jobs report. Number of new jobs created was 144,000. My estimation was that anything over 100k was good for Bush and 150k would have been the final warbling note of the weight challenged woman warming up her voice. While 144k doesn't push us over that mark, it certainly makes the libs argument about a sluggish economy sound hollow. Much like Senator Kerry's suit. Couple the job creation with a drop in the unemployment rate and you've really crippled the dems claims. Not that facts and logic often get in the way of liberal thinking.

In any event, I'm moving along here to the featurette. This week, an assemblage of ladies who combine beauty and brains....Babes for Bush!!

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2004
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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