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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Sorry for last week folks. Some of you know that I was in Las Vegas attending a political action seminar but for those of you who didn't, well pardon the absence, let's try and make it up. I note that all of the latest polls have Jean Querry in freefall. I am not complacent. I will work harder now, as though he were ten points ahead. Tomorrow I will be at Republican HQ early in order to do what I can to help President Bush win on November 2.

I did note during my leave that CBS continues to stand by it's ludicrous story and even more ludicrous anchorman. Every forged documents examiner in the free world has by now been consulted and everyone of them agrees the Dan Blather memoes were forged. CBS would go a long way towards healing the suspicions of the American people by simply admitting the documents are forged and apologizing for it's unending, biased attacks on the President.

Now then, reaching back to last week, I need to get the Friday Featurette up so that tomorrow I can start the week off proper with the Monday Musing, my observations from Nevada ground zero. This past week's honoree? The lovely and talented Melanie Morgan, conservative talk show host and activist....

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