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Thursday, September 09, 2004

As a general rule, those frequent visitors know that I usually have something to say on Wednesdays. Especially the Wed. after a primary election. Normally I would too. For instance I think touch screen voting is much more convenient than the old punch cards or scantrons. On the other hand, it really cheeses me off that the screen gives you a choice of English or Spanish. Excuse me, but this IS an election and as such, it ought to be conducted in the coin of the realm so to speak. In other words, English should be the only language offered on the ballot. If you cannot conduct your voting right in English, then perhaps you ought to be expending a little more energy on learning the language before you engage the voting booth.

I had the opportunity yesterday as well to attend a really frightening intelligence seminar put on by a recent retiree from Army Counterintelligence. Very interesting man. I would have wagered before yesterday that Al Qaeda did NOT possess WMD. Now I'm not so certain, in fact this instructor seems to think the opposite. Obviously, though it pains me to admit it, he is probably far better informed on this issue than I am. The implications of a use of WMD on us is staggering. The economic blow would be massive. The immediate desire to strike back will be overwhelming. The problem is, since we are at war with various stateless groups, to whom do we address the nukes? We can't turn 1/4 of the earth's surface into glass no matter how gratifying that might seem. This instructor also echoed the warning that we should fully expect to see terror activity immediately prior to our election in order to alter the outcome. Is it any wonder who the terrorists would like to see as President?....hmmm M'sieur?

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