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Monday, October 18, 2004

As if you didn't already realize the depths to which the democrats will sink in order to advance the cause of voter fraud. Remember, this is the reason they want to do away with the Electoral College, in order to hold on to power by use of massive fraud if necessary. It is the hope of the DNC and the far left that we will abdicate the legacy of the Framers of the Constitution. Fight this!! Always remember that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.


Additionally, I've got a lot to catch up on here so bear with me. If you are in California and close to Nevada and want to make a difference this election, please come to Nevada on Nov. 1 and 2 and volunteer your time to make phone calls, walk precincts, drive elderly voters to the polls or any other of a million things that will need doing. You can contact me for more information on how to volunteer using the contact smilin' Paul link in the sidebar.

Next item, despite the hurricane of denials, the Frenchurian Candidate, Jean sKerry is still advancing the canard that electing President Bush will result in a draft. Again, the military doesn't want it, it is not funded for it and the Congress must vote to institute it. It is not the perogative of the President.

Last week I was honored enough to see the President once again here in Reno. Some 10,000 Nevadans came out to show their support and it was an enthusiastic crowd. Also campaigning with the President were Senators McCain and Ensign. This week, Reno will be dishonored by the democrat candidate who will be here Friday, pandering for votes on his new platform where he presents himself as the savior. The cheap and tawdry rhetoric coming from the dems is absolutely abominable. Breck Girl Edwards claims last week upon the passing of Christopher Reeve that if John Kerry were in the White House, because of his support for stem cell research, crippled people would walk again. Uh huh, can we get some science to back up the claim or if Jean Kerry actually the Son of God. Next, and I thought sKerry was smart, he brings up as an issue the sexuality of Vice President Cheney's daughter. When Edwards did this during the Vice Presidential debate it was roundly pooh poohed in the press. To think that Jean Kerry would do it yet again suggests that he either needs to badly shore up his base or he is utterly incapable of reasonable thought.

Speaking of cheap and tawdry....and this is especially for reader Dave Ponte of Sparks, Nevada who about this for republicandy....pop tart Britney Spears, who believe it or not, is a supporter of the President.....

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