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Friday, November 12, 2004

We are now 10 days removed from an electoral and popular vote thrashing for the left. Do you think for a moment that they would accept it? Of course not, instead the Kool-Aid drinkers at DU are busy peddling the many already debunked conspiracy theories floating around the nether regions of cyberspace. Seems the rage is all being pointed at Florida and Ohio because the dems can't understand how they lost those two states. In Florida they allege impropriety and fraud because numerous counties that have more registered democrats than Republicans voted overwhelmingly for President Bush. Of course a quick examination of the 2000 election results reveals that these same counties voted for President Bush then as well. But of course thats not enough, so further examination reveals that these same counties have voted Republican for the last 20 years. Could it be that these counties, many of which are in Northern Florida could be populated by Southern Democrats? Of course that thought is passed off as too simplistic by the snivelers on the left and so the conspiracy theory gains traction.

As to Ohio, the screams of outrage well from a couple of different sources. Apparently, according to leftist double standards, if you are a CEO of a Corporation that manufactures voting machines and you happen to be a Bush fund raiser, you are the villain in a conspiracy to deliver Ohio by trumping up vote totals for Bush. The support for this comes from a story about an Ohio voting machine that actually tallied 4,000 extra votes for President Bush. What the left ignores is that the error was actually caught and corrected. And still Jean Querry lags some 130,000 votes behind. The dems then raise the issue of a certain Ohio county that had 90,000 more votes tallied than they had registered voters. Of course the dems don't identify the county because it invalidates their obfuscation to do so. I'll spare you all the research. The county with so many more ballots cast than voters? Cuyahoga home to Cleveland and apparently 90,000 phantom voters squeezed into tenement housing somewhere. You see, a little more research reveals that there is not a single Republican elected official in Cuyahoga County. Which means that their Board of Elections is run guessed it....democrats.

Of course the only reason to create such questions and propagate such baseless drivel is to continue the effort to delegitimize the President. The left simply can't accept that perhaps they are out of touch with a majority of Americans. Of course, if they continue to don their tinfoil hats and await the black helicopters, just maybe they'll convince the swing voters that to ever vote democratic would be to invite a sip of the Kool-Aid.

Now then I can think of no more appropriate post election featurettes than....the Bush ladies....

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