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Thursday, December 02, 2004

In the interests of my California readers I couldn't help but note that there is an Assembly Bill being put forth by two Republican California Assemblymen. I mention this because this bill if passed would adopt a Maine style electoral vote division for the Golden State's jackpot of 55 presidential electoral votes. In a Maine style system, the winner of the state is awarded 2 electoral votes, representing the Senators from that state. The remainder of the votes would be awarded on the basis of who won each congressional district. Under this plan, it is conceivable that President Bush in the last election could have peeled off as many as 2 dozen or so of California's electoral votes. It also would have forced the two presidential campaigns to pay more than token attention to the largest state in the union.

Sadly for most of my Bay bound friends, this bill would have absolutely no effect on you. Your congressional districts are so hopelessly left leaning that more accurately resemble foreign countries rather than bear any comparison to a typical American flyover community. Certainly diversity is a fine thing, but in the case of so many California congressional districts it has gone so far left that the districts have isolated themselves from the mainstream of American political life.

Of course the intriguing thing about this potential bill will be to see the reaction of democrats to it. A similar effort in Colorado was just defeated during the past election. Democrats in Colorado were wildly supportive of the effort when they thought it was going to be a close race and the thought of peeling presidential electors away from President Bush made them tingle. Watch how they howl in protest at the California effort now. Yet more hypocrisy from the party that knows how. However, before you get too excited out there on the left coast, remember that your Assembly and Senate are both dominated by democrats so this Republican sponsored bill has about as much chance of becoming law as a snowball in hell.

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