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Monday, November 20, 2006

Sorry I'm late folks but seems ye olde Blogger had some technical problems that they've just resolved and finally I can access my column. Been too damn busy with friends in town and school and getting ready for the holidays and so I didn't even have a small financial interest in the Michigan-Ohio State game. I did call USC over Cal but again, never got to the sportsbook so there was nothing to gain this week. Too bad too since I did call several winners. In any event, I owe you all a short rib recipe, guest chef Jay Brown is going to chip in this week, I threw together a delicious homemade chicken noodle soup today even going so far as to make my own stock and for faithful reader Terry Garcia, I'm going to put out a salmon cake recipe next week. So before we get along any further....can I get a WTF???

I seem to recall in the not too distant past that democrats were aghast at the prospect of war, telling us that Bush was going to bring back the draft and of course your average dimwit 19 year old was already booking his flight via Swissair to some den of socialism. Here we are on the cusp of a democratic congress and who pipes up about a draft? None other than Charlie "I Served" Rangel (D) New York. Rangel is proposing legislation (again) that would reinstitute the draft. To his mind, legislators would take war more seriously if their own children were subject to combat. On that point I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Rangel. However I dispute the need for a draft. In the 1980s we had more than ample military assets to conduct wars on both sides of the world and we maintained this stance with an all-volunteer force consuming less than 6 percent of Gross Domestic Product. Unfortunately, our government has continued whittling away at the defense budget year in and year out. Now it barely consumes 3 percent of GDP.

Obviously we cannot sustain that level of expenditure and approach handling the current war with islamofascism and any potential conflict that might break out. Sadder still is that both parties are culpable here, everyone wants a slice of the peace dividend. No one realizes that the ones to pay will be the American people when we have another December 7 dropped on us. (pardon the pun) In my mind, President Bush should have used the 5 yr. anniversary of September 11 to call for half a million volunteers to fight radical islam. He would have gotten them by recognizing the problem, identifying it and calling upon the American people to mobilize themselves to ridding the world of this pestilence. Oh well, it can still be done, but it cannot be done on the cheap. Personally I'd rather my tax dollars go towards a new M16 for a deserving infantryman somewhere than for some rehab center in Detroit ministering to baseheads.

Now then, short ribs....yum

Get some ingredients

3 lbs beef shortribs
2 tbsps all purpose flour
1 tsp kosher salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp garlic powder
2 tbsps olive oil
1 can beef broth
1 cup sliced mushrooms
1 small onion sliced thinly

Place the flour, salt, pepper, garlic powder in a plastic ziploc and mix. Now add the shortribs and toss to coat. In the meantime, heat the olive oil in a skillet over medium high heat. When ready, add the shortribs and brown them all over, about a minute a side. No more. When browned, remove and add to either a covered pot over low heat or a crock pot on high. Pour in the beef broth, add the mushrooms and onion and cover. Let simmer for about 4 hours. The ribs are ready when you can easily pull the meat off the bones. Now I like to serve mine over rice or egg noodles with a gravy from the broth. You can remove the ribs and put them in some casserole dish and put them in the oven to stay warm. While they warm, add some flour to the broth and whisk it in until it thickens. This will vary but shouldn't take more than a couple teaspoons of flour. When the gravy is ready, place the ribs back in the mixture and then spoon it over cooked rice or noodles. Serve it up with a nice salad. Good eatin' on ya!!!

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

It's been a nice 23 year run so I reckon I can't complain too much. There was the week when I was in school at the University of Texas where I managed to lose my job, my wallet and my girlfriend within a span of a few days. (listed in their order of relative pain in the ass to rectify...) What I learned from those events was that 1. Don't look to Stop and Rob for longterm employment, 2. always know the whereabouts of your wallet and credit card and carry minimal cash, 3. avoid psychotic debutantes from Alabama. Since that week, I've got to say I haven't really had too much to snivel about in the ol' adversity department. Until of course this week. I mean losing the election was bad enough but to have my beloved Longhorns get WHIPPED like red-headed step-children on national TV was positively painful.

A side benefit for most of you all was that I was so damn busy this week that I didn't get to post my picks of the week. Lucky for y'all. I had Texas, Auburn, Cal and the Sodbusters at A&M. Can we say financial reenactment of Pearl Harbor? At least my own Nevada Bombers, faithfully coach by Hargus "Pig" Hughes managed to hold on to first place in my fantasy league.

So we can see then that ol' Smilin' Paul isn't exactly hitting on all cylinders of late so perhaps one of you, my faithful and educated readers can inform me. Just when exactly did the U.S. Senate become the architect of American foriegn policy? I turn on the TV this morning and am instantly treated to the sight of Carl Levin (D) MI. telling the viewer that the most important consideration for his committee upon taking over Capitol Hill will be a reassessment of foriegn policy with respect to Iraq, Iran and the Middle East. Sorry Senator, but unless I missed something, foreign policy is the purview of the Executive Branch. While the democrats might be ascendant on Capitol Hill, they do not currently inhabit the White House, unless of course the President abdicates his authority in this area.

As if that wasn't enough, I had to watch that gaseous windbag formally known as the senior Senator from the People's Republic of Massachusetts tell the people that with democrats in charge, we would be much more forthcoming to our European allies. That Europeans would be much better informed about the intents and purposes of our foreign policy. Pardon me but...What the fizzuk???? You're going to INFORM the socialists, appeasers and collaborators that inhabit various European capitals of what we intend to do in Foreign Policy. They should learn about it once it occurs or as part of an initiative. But of course Senator Kennedy is no stranger to collaborating with the enemy in as much as he tried to aid the Soviets during the height of the Cold War. This sounds suspiciously to me that the Presidential authority to dictate foreign policy is going to be severely undercut by democrats in an effort to destabilize his position and to make a grab for power. They are not even back in power yet but already they demand more.

Finally we had the spectre late last week of watching Nancy Pelosi, presumed Speaker of the House and who had been in hiding for the month prior to the election, telling us that she would not act to remove the President. Well thanks Nan, so good of you to acknowledge his position. One more time....What the fizzuk??? Do these people really believe that the American people would stand for impeachment in the first place? Where are the crimes? I mean IMPEACHED ex-president Clinton actually committed provable crimes to earn his impeachment. Besides doing his best to defend the nation, what has President Bush done? I mean lying about sex with a barely post-pubescent intern and perjury can hardly compare to combatting terrorism with wiretaps in an effort to snare terrorists before they strike, in the lib'rul mindset.

In any event, I need to get after some chores here, the farrier is on his way and it'll be time to rodeo with the horses. I'll be back here later this week with the promised short rib recipe. I whipped up some pozole rojo this weekend that is hit your grandma good and guest chef Jay Brown has a new recipe for us as well so stick around sports and culinary arts fans, there is no shortage of recipes coming down the pike.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Well folks tomorrow is d-day so we're told. Democrat day. The day that all is set right in the lib'rul world. I however am sticking to my guns. The naysayers in the media be damned, calling for Republicans to lose both Houses of Congress. I believe otherwise and why not? It's a can't lose situation for me. If we hold both houses then I'm happier than a gopher in soft dirt. If the naysayers are right, no biggie, I've got copy for two years just by remarking on the anti-America antics of Nancy Pelosi, Dirty Harry Reid and company.

I've done my part. I early-voted last week and once again managed to avoid the indignity of voting for any member of the party of sedition. Of course I'm a conservative not a broken glass Republican, there were a couple races where I almost had to consider a third party but instead I simply abstained. Yes even Republicans have their crummy candidates. It's just that when they sell us out, at least somewhere an American corporation profits. When the democrats sell us out, we're one step closer to having to learn a foreign language and swear fealty to a false god.

Anyways folks, just thought I'd encourage you all to get out there and vote tomorrow. Exercise that right that so many have died for. Even if you're going to vote for the commies, at least oneday (sooner than later) I'll be able to tell you I told you so...and when next I check in, we'll examine the elections, my football picks from last week and how about some fallin' off the bone shortribs?

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
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Friday, November 03, 2006

Well there sportsfans, it's been a brutal couple weeks and if you been following my picks, then you all are probably headed for bankruptcy. Holy cow, lost on my beloved Longhorns last week, Mizzou, Auburn all failing to cover. And the Niners couldn't cover a 3+TD spread...put a fork in me, I'm done. That said, I still believe in stimulating the economy the old-fashioned way and since I made a helluva run in Vegas, I've gotta bounce back here soon. Didn't get much input this week from Pancho Palica the Polish Mexican. He did pass his regards and says he loves the Patsies at home against the Colts. Now before I get ahead of myself though...

Take the Middies of Navy and give the 11.5 pts at Duke.
The Land Thieves over the Sodbusters. OU givin' 2.5 pts at Texas A&M
Arkiesaw over South Carolina in Columbia. Give the 2.5 pts
The Mormons big over Colorado St. Give the 16.5 pts
Cornhuskers at home, give the 6.5 pts against Mizzou
Tennessee at home, getting 2.5 pts on Rocky Top. They cover against LSU

In NFL action, love the Seahawks over the Raiders. Big...give the 8.5 pts
Chargers over the Browns, give the pts. or tease them down.

Now get out there and keep Americas economy strong...

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rats leaving the Titanic didn't move as quickly as democrats in the wake of Jean Querry's latest gaffe. Now I'm not saying that dems don't make gains in next weeks election because of the French one's predilection for opening his mouth and spewing anti-American rubbish, however I do stand by my earlier prediction that Republicans maintain both houses of Congress. Which leads me to a question*where exactly are the democrat leaders the last few days? Anyone out there seen Nancy Pelosi or Teddy "Breaststroke" Kennedy, how about "Dirty" Harry Reid? Of course not. What passes for democrat strategy and their plan for America is this: stay low, keep our mouths shut and maybe Americans won't realize what a bunch of seditious, one-world socialist, tax-raising fools they are.

The left has decided that Republicans are doing such a good job of digging a hole that they have decided not to announce any platform or plan or program for America. Of course were they to do so, Americans would quickly be informed about the generally un-American objectives of democrat plans. They have already pledged to roll back the tax cuts that have spurred this current great economy. For those of you in Sun Valley, rolling back a tax cut is de facto a tax increase. They tell us that they want a new direction in Iraq but will not specify what that direction is. You can be sure that it will not entail removing the troops because once the dems are in power, they will just smile and nod at the moonbat base while listening to the military and intelligence professionals advise against a withdrawal, or at least an announced one. So really you have the status quo maintained. So the democrats have largely gone into hiding, hoping that Americans will not dig too deeply into their agenda, that the anger against Republicans will fuel a sweep of the Congress.

As if we need proof that democrats are largely in hiding right now, just hoping that Americans will vote Republicans out next Tuesday without any definitive reason to do so from the dems, I offer this. Now this may be largely anecdotal, but to me it is proof that the dems are disingenuous at best and moral cowards at worst. As I drive around town of course I am inundated with campaign signs. Early on in the primary season I saw a single candidate advertising the fact that he was a democrat. Naturally he lost. You cannot find another candidate in Northern Nevada right now, from Governor down who is actively advertising the fact that they are democrats. There are however numerous Republican candidates displaying Republican or GOP on their signs.

Now don’t just take my word for it. I challenged my wife, the lovely and talented Mrs. Smilin’ Paul, who is far more open minded than me, to find a democrat candidate in Washoe County who was advertising that fact on their signage. She couldn’t find one. I’ve mentioned this phenomena to other friends, democrats and Republicans both, all of them have come back to me scratching their heads, unable to figure out why democrats don’t advertise that fact. Well fortunately for y’all I’m here to tell you why. The democratic party is largely controlled by neo-Marxists, behavior fascists, socialists, one worlders, screeching feminists and assorted other fringe groups. They no more represent middle America than does say, a group of rioting French youths. If they told America what they truly stood for, most Americans would be revolted. It wasn’t all that long ago that Hillary Clinton told us she was going to redistribute the wealth in this country and that is essentially what the democrats are all about, taking from the producers to give out to the marginalized in order to buy votes from people who otherwise wouldn’t care. It’s the only way this corrupt party can continue to grow it’s rolls of voters, besides registration drives in Chicago graveyards.

Speaking of food to die for. If you love cream of broccoli soup, here's a recipe I found while cruising Food for recipes. I couldn't believe how easy it was to make and how much better it was the next day. I kicked this recipe up by adding 4 strips of thick cut cooked bacon to the mixture before pureeing...aaaaaiiiieee! Damn it was good....

2 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup cream, heavy, light or
1 onion, chopped
1 russet potato, peeled and chop
Nutmeg, to taste
6 cups canned chicken stock, warmed
3 cups chopped broccoli florets and stems

In a large pot, melt butter and cook onion until tender over medium high heat. Add potato and toss to coat with butter. Add hot stock and bring to a simmer. Stir in broccoli and return to a simmer. When potato and broccoli are tender, puree in batches in a blender or food processor. Return to pot and add cream. Season to taste and serve warm

I served this up with some smothered pork chops and good eatin' on ya!!

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