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Monday, November 06, 2006

Well folks tomorrow is d-day so we're told. Democrat day. The day that all is set right in the lib'rul world. I however am sticking to my guns. The naysayers in the media be damned, calling for Republicans to lose both Houses of Congress. I believe otherwise and why not? It's a can't lose situation for me. If we hold both houses then I'm happier than a gopher in soft dirt. If the naysayers are right, no biggie, I've got copy for two years just by remarking on the anti-America antics of Nancy Pelosi, Dirty Harry Reid and company.

I've done my part. I early-voted last week and once again managed to avoid the indignity of voting for any member of the party of sedition. Of course I'm a conservative not a broken glass Republican, there were a couple races where I almost had to consider a third party but instead I simply abstained. Yes even Republicans have their crummy candidates. It's just that when they sell us out, at least somewhere an American corporation profits. When the democrats sell us out, we're one step closer to having to learn a foreign language and swear fealty to a false god.

Anyways folks, just thought I'd encourage you all to get out there and vote tomorrow. Exercise that right that so many have died for. Even if you're going to vote for the commies, at least oneday (sooner than later) I'll be able to tell you I told you so...and when next I check in, we'll examine the elections, my football picks from last week and how about some fallin' off the bone shortribs?

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