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Friday, October 13, 2006

Tomorrow being the anniversary of Mrs. Smilin' Paul and my wedding, we're heading down to the liberal heartland to celebrate. Naturally being in San Francisco will be call for heavy consumption of adult beverages but what the hell, you can still get excellent seafood there. Since I've still got to pack, I figured I'd check in here and dash off my recipe for pasta and this week's picks for football. So away we go...

Pasta with butter and garlic.

Pasta, (I like to use linguine) cooked and drained per the instructions on the package.

2 tblsp olive oil
2 tblsp butter
2 cloves of garlic finely chopped
kosher salt
fresh ground pepper

Like I said, this one is too easy. Once the pasta is cooked and drained, fire up your saute pan over medium-medium high heat. Add the olive oil and butter stirring to combine. Add the garlic and once it begins to brown, remove from heat and add the pasta, add a pinch or two of kosher salt and grind black pepper over it to taste. Toss to combine and return to heat just to get the noodles warm again and then it's ready. Serve with pork or chicken or fish. The beauty of this dish is it's versatility. I had some leftover leeks, mushrooms and bacon in the refrigerator the other day and simply chopped them all up and tossed them in with the olive oil and butter, sauteing them before adding the noodles. It was good enough to make you hit your grandma! get it cooked and good eatin' on ya!!

As to this week's picks. We're deep into conference play now sportfans so here are my picks of the week.

Cal at Wazzoo, give the 8.5 pts
Texas over Baylor, if you can get it at 27.5 or lower
Mizzou straps it on the sodbusters at A&M give the 2.5
Baltimore in NFL action give the 3 pts
Seahawks over Rams, give the 3 pts

Parlay and teasers as you all see fit...Now get out and stimulate the economy...

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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