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Friday, September 22, 2006

Well sportsfans, this is a tough week to make any calls so I've relied heavily on the Pollack, the Dago and the Texican for guidance. I warned you all that it would be slim pickin's and indeed it is.

Love Mizzou, give the points, they're at home against Ohio U. and have a cupcake on deck.

Love my Longhorns at home, give the points against a game but overmatched Iowa State team.

I think Louisville is here to stay, they want to make a statement and Kansas State is in the way, take the Cardinals and give the 14.5 even on the road.

Thats about it, I've got some other action going on but nothing I'm proud of. Now that the non-scandal with the Pope's twisted words is blowing over, I can get back to our regularly scheduled programming of rant and recipe on Monday. Remember to tune in for Redneck Chicken Cordon Bleu...

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