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Friday, September 15, 2006

Hey there sportsfans. I need to recover from last week's embarrassment on ye olde football front. I would love to spend some time here raging against the latest democrat antics but why bother? They're oh so entertaining those folks. At least as entertaining as sedition and an utter absence of common sense can be. But I digress. I'm compiling my latest line on the election and of course next week's recipe so look for those come Monday. In the meantime, it's time for Pancho's Picks of the Week, part of our commitment here at WKWR to stimulating the economy the old-fashioned way, and without the gubmint stickin' their nose in it.

Now then, lotta big games this weekend so here's the best picks.

My beloved Longhorns comeback with a vengeance and poor ol' Rice plays the part of the French Army trying to stop the German Army. Take UT and give the 32 pts...

Virginia Tech, give the 35 against Duke. Duke would be better off sending their basketball team out to play against the Hokies.

Gotta go with Auburn at home, give the pts against a tough LSU squad.

I wouldn't touch it, but it'll make Bull happy, take OU against Oregon and grab the 5 pts.

Green Bay and New Orleans, take the over...

Now get it done and hopefully some of you all will be waving some fresh yankee dollars come Monday morning. If not, well you can always blame it on President Bush, like me, he's a Longhorn fan...

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Blogger Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider Dan said...

Unpredicatable at times, these NCAA confabs....

Hard to believe Miami and Notre Dame got blown out as they did, but they did.

Your picks were -- as the Brits say -- "spot on". Except for the OU fiasco at Eugene. I thought the chuckwagon bunch would pluck the Ducks, too. I also thought Big Red would show more life offensively against SC. Callahan's experiment in Lincoln may be running out of "funding".

It doesn't get any easier for Nebraska, either.

As for the latest poll and Top 10, can't argue with a single one. Texas must blow out everyone to stay in BCS contention as a one loss team until the pack can start knocking each other off. Expect the Michigan - Ohio State game to be a real good one this year. Auburn looks to be the class of the SEC, but Georgia has a good defense, and Florida can light it up. Still, the Tigers looked mighty impressive in that slugfest with LSU.

18 September, 2006 04:24  

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