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Monday, July 31, 2006

If you’re like me and you like your music to start off with the soulful moan of a fiddle or the mournful twang of a pedal steel guitar then you have to consider the internet as the greatest invention of mankind. It may very well be the savior of real country music. Now I know there are those out there who would love to dispute the meaning and content of real country music but this being my website we get to use my definition. If it doesn’t have a fiddle or a steel guitar and you can’t dance a two step to it then it better damn well discuss momma or drinkin’ or getting done wrong by a woman. What I mean is that country music best defined by Honky Tonk or Western Swing. Not any of that watered down rock and roll that Nashville routinely churns out nowadays, expecting real country fans to buy it up. Well no more. I know that Mick and Tall, Bull and D.P. and Spider and Bear would all agree with me that Nashville’s Music Row wouldn’t make a pimple on Bob Will’s ass. Hell Nashville killed off Hank Williams Sr. the best singer/songwriter to hit that town and then did its best to repeat the performance on Jr.

Now along comes satellite radio. No longer am I hostage to the playlists of some wet-nosed punk who couldn’t tell you what a honky tonk is and who thinks Bob Wills is the name of a car dealership somewhere. Thanks to the magic of satellite radio and channel 13 XM Radio, Willie’s Place, I don’t hardly ever have to hear a bad song, except of few of Willie’s himself. Gawd I liked Willie Nelson a whole lot better when he had short hair and wasn’t so fond of homegrown Arkansas herbs. Y’know before he made Honeysuckle Rose and began listening to everyone who told him that he could transcend Country Music. Now his braids are too tight and he feels compelled to offer stupid leftist talking points on foreign policy. Who says marijuana isn’t harmful? In any event, Willie’s Place XM Radio 13 still offers classic country and lots of it. You aren’t going to hear anything from Shania Twain or Faith Hill on that station. Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney? Who are they?

Nope, you tune into Willie’s Place to hear old gems and new talent who can pick and grin with the best of them. Old Timers like Johnny Bush, Mel Tillis and Ray Price and newcomers like Justin Trevino, Bobby Flores and Amber Digby. These were all talents that I thought had long disappeared along with my honky-tonkin’ days, somewhere behind me. Thanks to Willie’s Place I’ve discovered that there are plenty of folks out there that Nashville wishes you’d never heard of. Folks who are still playing and making that real honky tonk sound deep in the heart of Texas. Folks like Amber Digby, Justin Trevino, Jake Hooker, Jody Nix, Curtis Potter, Sunny Sweeney, Dale Watson and Bobby Flores are all turning out classic country sounds and albums. Just check out Bobby Flores CD Just For The Record, there isn’t a bad tune on it and the whole thing is almost a tribute to Ray Price and Johnny Bush. Then there is Amber Digby’s new release, Here Come the Teardrops, again not a bad song on it and she sounds like a cross between Connie Smith and Loretta Lynn with better steel guitar accompaniment.

Now you’re never going to hear these folks on mainstream country radio. As Heather Myles sings, Nashville’s Gone Hollywood. So I am going to include links here to a couple of my favorite music ordering sites where you can still find that Texas Honky Tonk sound. Give Justin, Bobby, Amber and Sunny a listen, you’ll find you want to hear more and hot damn….if Nashville can make a hit singer out of freakin’ Kenny Chesney are you telling me they can’t make Jake Hooker a star? I’m telling you these folks don’t compromise on the country, and just for that Nashville will never give them a hand…so let’s support them around here. Besides, what better way to celebrate our milestone of 50,000 visitors here since our start than to have a good ol’fashioned bbq and dance? Allright now get out there and get it done all you Johnny and Janey Rebs…

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


Blogger atarinaper said...

good to hear that you've found the beautiful satillite radio and that you've enabled comments.

Hope all is well in the Villa family on your side of the trenches.


03 August, 2006 00:42  
Blogger Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider Dan said...

Can the world be better served than to know our favorite patriot and devotee of all things righty and mighty -- Smilin' Paul Villa -- offers us this rare and unique glimpse at his views and perspective?

How blessed are we?

I shall draw from these water often -- as all legitimate Americans should. Of course, feel free to visit my blog if Smilin' Paul's calm and reasoned approach doesnt' quite attach the proverbial electric shock probes to the liberal genitalia.

Let the games begin!!

03 August, 2006 19:39  

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