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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Judas Iscariot, Benedict Arnold, Vidkun Quisling, Mary McCarthy? What common denominator do these very different people share? How about sedition and treasonable offenses? Of course most of you all haven’t heard of Mary McCarthy and that very fact should speak volumes about the so called media in this country. You know, I’ve really got to tip my hat to the democrats, they don’t merely tolerate sedition, they foster it, embrace it and make it a part and parcel of their very existence. For those of you in Sun Valley let me give y’all a little background here.

Mary McCarthy was a former special assistant to the President for Intelligence appointed by IMPEACHED ex-president Clinton. It has been alleged and she has admitted to leaking information to the press about America’s treatment and interrogation of prisoners with special respect to facilities outside the Continental United States. According to her statements McCarthy felt obligated to divulge TOP SECRET and CONFIDENTIAL information to the press because she was bothered by America’s failure to provide terrorists and enemy combatants with cable television, haute cuisine and premium tee times. (OK that maybe an exaggeration on my part but no more so than McCarthy claiming to be a non-partisan professional upholding her oath of office.)

You see McCarthy was an intelligence officer operating at the highest levels of government. She had to know, beyond doubt what effect her leaks would have upon the media and the Bush Administration. If McCarthy claims otherwise she makes a mockery of the hiring qualifications for intelligence officers and implicates herself as an incompetent of the first order. Of course, being an appointee of IMPEACHED ex-president Clinton, it is entirely possible that she is both incompetent and unqualified. Divulging information to the press about the movement of enemy combatant prisoners, between facilities both in and out of the United States, information that is classified as Top Secret, is no different than selling missile technology to the Red Chinese. Oh wait, democrats have already done that as well.

Of course few of you have probably even heard the name Mary McCarthy. That’s because instead of a demonstrable act of sedition making the news, we are instead treated to a cacophony of leftists shouting for government intervention on gas prices and government inaction on ILLEGAL immigration. Tell me that we have an unbiased media and I’ll be happy to show you some beachfront property in Kansas. Forget the fact that this same humble public servant has contributed over $8,000 to democrat candidates and their causes, including the maximum contribution allowed by law to Jean Kerry in 2004. Of course there’s no agenda here. No, it is far more entertaining for the media to harp on gas prices that are determined in large part by free market forces and government taxation, and for the same media to clamor for unrestricted immigration for future democrat voters than it is for them to address a serious issue of national security. It almost makes you think you’d need a really outlandish violation of national security by a democrat in order for the media to take notice. Let’s see if I can use my fertile imagination to dream some up…

How about a plot involving a young couple? He’s a career diplomat usually tending to third world hellholes. He likes fast cars and long hair, especially his own and he dresses and acts like an arrogant fratboy. She’s a beautiful employee at the CIA and she uses her influence to keep her playboy hubby gainfully employed when his own Ivy League creds don’t do the trick. They claim the government has outed her as an intelligence officer though she was never a covert agent and that the War in Iraq was based on contrived intelligence, largely provided by assets of the very agency that she works for. Let’s see…nope, the dems already beat us to that plot. See Joe Wilson and Val Plame.

How about a story where a former National Security Advisor goes into the National Archives, allegedly conducting research. This character then gets caught stealing classified documents from the National Archives by hiding them among his articles of clothing including his socks. Nope…been done already, once again the democrats beat us to the plot…See Sandy Berger.

Maybe we could speculate about a candidate who accepts large amounts of campaign cash from foreign governments. These same governments could charitably be called hostile to the United States and they just might oversee the operations of the largest military machine in the world. This same candidate could be a bi-polar, shrieking scion of an influential family, raised in a Washington Hotel. Damn, that plot has been taken as well…See Algore.

Well we’re not having a lot of luck with more outlandish instances of National Security threats getting headlines. After all, each of those stories detailed above is largely ignored by the same media who would eat their young if a chance to smear a Republican presented itself. How about something way, waaaaay out….how about a Chief Executive who is a serial philanderer and enjoys games of hide and go seek with girls barely out of High School? What if he were to sell missile technology to the Chinese in exchange for campaign contributions and what if he turned down an opportunity to capture the world’s most wanted terrorist? Nawwww…no one would believe that….at least they wouldn’t pay it enough mind to alter their votes after all, the dems already claimed that script as well…See IMPEACHED ex-president Clinton.

Do we see a common thread here? Each of the instances described has a democrat as the central figure. Does anyone seriously think that this group of overage socialists can be entrusted with the legacy of Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan? I tell you, the future is more frightening everyday. With that most recent record of questionable and borderline treasonable activity you’d think that perhaps the democrats might just accept my quaint little nom du jour for them. They truly are the Party of Sedition…

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


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