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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Like every other political junkie around here I been hangin' on the edge of my seat waiting to see if Karl Rove is actually guilty of anything.....not.....Now I been following politics since I was in 7th grade and watching Jimmy Carter do his level best to degrade this great country of ours. I've seen a whole bunch of tempests in teapots but if any so called scandal has ever shown the complicity of the media in protecting the left wing, this Rove affair is it. Either that or democrats are manifestly unable to read and comprehend the law. Hmmm...of course that last assessment is highly likely as well, after all what part of the Second Amendment is so hard to understand that we are continually combatting gun control initiatives? But I digress, back to matter at hand.
Karl Rove is the President's Senior Political Advisor. He does not occupy a Constitutional office. He is blamed by the democrats, the media and anyone to the left of Senator Olympia Snowe of having "outed" a covert CIA operative. That is against the law. The President has said that if anyone in his adminstration breaks the law, they would punished. Hence the left is salivating at the prospect of Karl Rove, architect of two of their worst electoral beatings ever, being dismissed and sent into political Siberia.

Of course the democrats, the left in general and the media, especially the print media are all overlooking the blindingly obvious. The supposed CIA covert operative was only undercover in the sense that since the Bush Administration had hit Washington, Joe Wilson and his faux heroine CIA Agent wife had been relegated to the "B" list of Georgetown cocktail parties. Wilson is a shameless self promoter, trying to eek out an existence in Washington officialdom by using his Ivy League background for personal gain. One look at this guy should convince anyone that the only thing he truly cares about is himself. Now that maybe severely judgemental but I tend to have issues with men over the age of say....oh....28 who refuse to get a haircut. I just can't take them seriously. Add to that the fact that the guy drives a convertible Jaguar and he really expects Joe Sixpack to believe that he wasn't all about drawing attention to himself. Did I mention that Wilson was also a heavy contributor to the Jean Kerry campaign?

None of these facts will get in the way of the media presenting its contrived left of center point of view though. Despite the fact that Valerie Plame nee Wilson has not been undercover in at least 5 years. Despite the fact that she had previously been outed some 7 yrs before and since all her friends and family knew she worked at CIA, the media will continue to portray her as a victimized agent. The tricky part for the dems though is that facts will eventually get in their way with any investigation. Unfortunately for the left, this is a specific intent crime the way the law is written and if they cannot prove intent they have no case. (Not that lack of evidence has ever stopped a good leftwing inquisition in the past.)

What this is all really about is trying to taint the Bush administration with scandal. In the first instance it creates doubt in the public's mind and makes body politic more malleable. Especially important considering the upcoming appointment of a Supreme Court Justice. Since the Republicans are now consigned to the defensive on this topic, it denies them the opportunity to move forward on their agenda, lower taxes, the War on Terror and Social Security reform. Every day's delay is another day closer towards lame duck status the President gets. Secondarily of course this is also an opportunity for the democrats to stain an administration which has been remarkably free from scandal. Nothing chaps the hides of the left more than the fact that under IMPEACHED ex-president Clinton, the country enjoyed one of, if not the most, scandal ridden administrations ever. For the last 5 years there has been nary a whiff of it. In the end, the real victim here is the President and the American people. The President is being denied the opportunity to advance his agenda by a set of trumped up and empty charges and the American people are denied the action that they elected this man to conduct. Thanks dems...

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