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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Well damn...that hurt. Just got an accusatory e-mail from the L-Train down in Vegas so here I am trying to right some perceived wrong. Of course a lot has happened around the ol' world since last we spent some time together. First off I don't suppose anyone would be terribly surprised to know that I am ecstatic over the Papal Conclave selection as our new Holy Father. OK there was just a hint of dissappointment when the white smoke rose from the Sistine Chapel and I waited in vain for the call. If it couldn't have been me though the Cardinals certainly picked a good man. I pray he begins soon the monumental task of sweeping away the "filth" that he spoke out against recently and which infests the Church. Next I hope he succeeds in standing fast against the tides of moral relativism. Those of you so inclined please take a moment to pray for our new Pope and his health.

In other news the libs are salivating over the prospect of prodding Republicans into retracting new ethics rules the libs think are being used to protect Majority Leader DeLay of Texas. There's no there, there. Of course the liberal media will play this one no end because there is no Republican the media hates more than Tom DeLay. Let's conveniently forget that most Congressmen and Senators routinely use PAC money to pay their families and that you need look no further than Senator Barbara Boxer to see evidence of the practice. It must be nice to engage in hypocritical debate on a consistent basis with no repercussions. Of course when the Fourth Estate is your facilitator you can even drive cars containing interns off of bridges and swim away, abandoning the intern to their death with nary a word being written about it. Of course that's only a hypothetical situation. I don't think any of us could actually name a sitting member of the House or Senate who had actually engaged in such scandalous behavior....(cough...cough...ahem...)

Sorry folks, had a scratch in my throat. Lemme pour some ice cold Miller down to ....ah that's better now. Speaking of cold beer, I still haven't had any guesses from my former confederates in the Honky Tonk Heroes Alcohol of Fame. One more week and I'll have to keep the George Dickel to myself. Once again, name the anniversary that this summer represents...C'mon L-Train, Spider, Chop or of you has to have a few functioning memory cells left.

Speaking of roadtrips, I'll be on hiatus from May 9-16 while in Washington D.C. attending Police Week services and a Legislative Seminar and also meeting with Nevada's congressional delegation. Boy, I am sure going to miss my satelite radio that week so I better remember to take the iPod with me. It sure is nice not having to put up with crummy songs anymore. On that topic, while doing some recent research on classic country music, I made a great discovery. Some of you may have heard of this ol' boy named Justin Trevino. Hot damn this boy can sing some classic country and best of all his idol is Johnny Bush. If you haven't heard of Justin Trevino he is a remarkable talent, a heavyset Mexican-American boy (gee that sounds eerily familiar) of 29 who was born blind. Doesn't make a difference, he can flat out do some honors to a shuffle or two step. If you have heard of Justin Trevino, then why in hell didn't one of you clue me into him sooner....

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