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Monday, March 14, 2005

Well this is going to get fugly before it's over. Nevada vs. Texas in the first round of the NCAA big dance. Now of course I'm rooting for my beloved Longhorns but around work it's going to be a might touchy workin' as I do with a couple of bona fide Nevada homers. I don't begrudge the Wolfpack mind you, hell if they were playin' any team but Texas I'd be pulling for them. Not that it matters much. No matter which team wins, they're likely to run into a kitchen tool in round 2 since they are both in Illinois' bracket.

In other news, I hope none of you came sniffing around here today hoping for a recipe. We've had a week of absolutely beautiful pre-spring weather. Clear blue skies and low 70s. If that don't getcher ass out of the kitchen not much will. In any event, couple the good weather with my rediscovered taste for cheap American beer and that can only mean one thing....GRILLIN'! Yep, I've been standing my watch at the grill, tending to some perfectly seared steaks and pork tri tips of late while listening to country oldies and throwing down Pabst and Miller. It's a beautiful prelude to summer. All of which means I haven't worked up any new recipes and if you can't already grill a steak, then you need more help than I can provide in this column.

Speaking of help, whose going to help the democrats? No one I hope. Seems even the liberal bible, the New York Times is admitting that Iraq had stockpiles of WMD as late as March 2003 and they were transferred "to a neighboring country" when American forces began the invasion of Iraq. Of course any informed American already knew this. There have been numerous intelligence reports from reliable sources indicating that the transfer of WMD began even before the war began. I have personally been apprised of confidential information supporting this. Of course these reports were pooh-poohed by the mainstream media. Now that the NYT has admitted as much, lets see how long the remainder of the mainstream media can ignore the facts.

Funny thing about facts, liberals never let them get in the way of a good yarn, especially when it's a lie designed to advance their agenda. The President is currently flying around the country on a tour designed to whip up support for social security reform because the democrats play fast and loose with facts when it suits them. Four years ago this same bunch of hypocrites demanded social security reform. Now a Republican President is pushing for just such reform and the dems are in full flight, denying any problem with social security and otherwise appearing quite willing to mortgage our children's future in order to maintain a shred of power. Such is the allure of political power that integrity becomes a rarity and hypocrisy as common as dirt.

I read where Arnold "Next Door" Schwarzenegger is going after California Congressional districts now in an effort to end gerrymandering and political stalemate. I wish him well. Regular readers will know that I am not the biggest fan of the California Governor but I think that he's on the right track here. Fewer than 2 dozen congressional seats were truly competitive in this past election. It was the intent of our Founding Fathers to ensure that the lower house of Congress be the more democratic of the two. Gerrymandering has resulted in districts remaining in one parties' hands for generations. It is absurd and if Congress is truly to be the voice of the people, then gerrymandering needs to end.

In another blow to the left, the U.S. Senate recently voted to curtail multimillion dollar class action lawsuits. You can still hear the howls of the trial lawyers who are demanding that for all the millions they've invested in the democrat party they expect more fight. Now another fight looms over the battle to cut back on awards in medical malpractice suits. Let's hope that the Republicans hold fast here and deny the party of sedition any pleasure.

In a certain sign that the apocalypse can't be far away, it is being whispered in some leftist circles that just maybe President Bush was right about advancing democracy in the Middle East. In an even greater sign, a certain liberal columnist has openly stated that should democracy take root in Iraq and should the Lebanese throw off the yoke of their Syrian oppressors, then by all means, President Bush would be the most deserving choice for the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course I'm not holding my breath on this and I caution y'all not to either. More than likely it's another lefty plot to keep us thinking they really don't hate America like we know they do.

Until next time, "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.."

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family


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