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Monday, March 07, 2005

Damn, I see it's been some time since I got around this here neighborhood. Well I can't say it hasn't been worth it. I've been busy with work and school and ok, y'all caught me, playing with the new computer. I've been screwing around with this whole MP3 thing and I've got to admit, it sure is a nice way to find songs you hadn't heard of in years. Truth to tell, I've been working on a compilation of honky tonk favorites of mine. Just in case we ever manage to get our remodel done and I actually get a new grilling/BBQ area. You know, a collection of classic country music to grill by. In any event, I need a lot more time and I'm open to suggestions from some of you ol' honky tonk heroes that did time with me way back when.

Of course I haven't just been playing hooky from around here. I've also spent some time down at Carson City and the Nevada State Legislature. It's always important to keep an eye on the latest perfidy being set forth in the hallowed halls of Sodom on Carson. For those of you in Rio Linda, the Nevada Legislature convenes every other year for a period of 4 months. From February to June. Nevada is fortunate enough right now to be experiencing a budget surplus. The sometimes Republican Governor has proposed returning the surplus to the citizens in the form of vehicle registration refunds. Of course, with a closely divided Senate and an Assembly dominated by the party of sedition, we will never see it. So far the Legislators of the Battle Born state have managed to stall on any tax refund, have attempted to hide a massive infusion of funds to education, have voted to increase the minimum wage and are trying to tinker with the Second Amendment.

As a taxpayer and lobbyist, I must admit that for only being one month into the legislative session, thats quite a record of accomplishment. At least it is if you hate liberty and self reliance and possess little to no regard for the taxpayer. Oh yeah, lets not forget the inability to comprehend the Constitution. It's really too bad that Las Vegas dominates the political landscape in this state, without it we'd really be a red state.

Its also been interesting to watch the left fall all over themselves of late to acknowledge President Bush and his far sighted policies in the Middle East. The praise is begrudging to be sure but that is the modern left. Even when struck over the head with a tire iron they miss the blindingly obvious. Speaking of folks who could use a tire iron over the head, how about that Commie come lately Ward Churchill, alleged professor at the University of Colorado. Sure what he said is positively loathsome but come on America, this same type of hate speech occurs everyday in colleges and universities across the country.

Of course Americans are fighting back. The latest list of the top ten radio personalities in the country is out and 9 of the top ten are conservatives. The one who isn't? MSNBC's Don Imus, grizzled radio hack and Kerry idolator. On the other hand, since we do own 9 of the top ten spots, how about a look at one of the easier on the eyes models: The lovely Laura Ingraham. I stream her show from WJGR 1320 Jacksonville Florida quite often. Besides being smart, she looks great behind the microphone.

Now I promise to get back here soon. I need to since I whipped up a batch of the best damn chicken-sausage gumbo the other day and I know y'all would starve without my posting recipes.
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