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Thursday, January 27, 2005

I'm baaaaack.....with the return of the lovely and talented Mrs. Smilin' Paul last night, I can once again try and find time to squeeze in my weekly musings. I wanted to pop in right quick and assure the faithful that I am back on track now and hoping to resume normal operations. That said, I noted yesterday while browsing the news, that the Mexican Foreign Secretary wants to get the Internationl Courts to declare Arizona's recently passed Prop. 200 as illegal. For th0se of you out of the loop, Prop. 200 made it illegal for illegal aliens to obtain drivers licenses, to vote or to obtain other state services. Now the MEXICAN Foreign Secretary wants this law banned.

Excuuuuuuse me but I was under the slightest impression that to be a Foreign Secretary in any country it would be a necessity to understand the meaning of sovereignty and borders. Apparently that is not the case with the MEXICAN Foreign Secretary who thinks he can overturn the will of American voters by going to International Courts. This is what is so appalling about the situation. That people out there will give him credence and no doubt, some socialist controlled international court will take it upon themselves to agree with him. Hell we can't even get our own 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to act like Americans most of the time. This is yet more evidence of the need to do away with the United Nations. It is their ilk that populate the internationalist bodies and for 60 years now we have cultivated a dependency within our own foriegn policy towards approval from the UN. This has done nothing to ensure our security and has undermined not only our foreign policy and sovereignty but now apparently threatens our votes.....

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