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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hate to do it folks but this next week is going to be another hiatus. I know, I'm getting to be worse than a democratic politician what with all the time away but at least I'm not doing it on the taxpayer's back. Mrs. Smilin' Paul is going to be out of town and so I'll be tending to the young'uns. Between that and work and school, well I'm not going to have much spare time to devote to the ol' blog.

Please be sure to tune back in however come the 29th or so. Not only will I have a killer recipe for Chicken Fricasse but by then the incredible spectre of the leftists, wallowing in their own hypocrisy while they attempt to smear Dr. Condoleeza Rice in the Senate hearings should be over. Am I the only one who finds appalling, the treatment she received from Babs Boxer, head cheerleader for the socialists in the Senate? Intellectually, Babs couldn't carry a cup of water to Dr. Rice and she tried mightily to joust with her yesterday. Dr. Rice bared her claws and fought back and I say "Bravo!". It's time we stopped the democrat tactics of verbal bullying and preening for the cameras at the expense of the reputations, careers and dignity of serious cabinet level appointees or judicial nominees.

Babs conveniently forgot yesterday her own ardent support for IMPEACHED ex-president Clinton's bombing campaign against Iraq, coming as it did during the impeachment hearings. Back then Babs was certain that Iraq and Saddam posed a grave threat to the United States. Back then Babs was certain that it was in the American interests to enforce UN resolutions that Iraq had so far ignored. So whats changed? Now we have a Republican President and Senate and Babs is forging her own niche as the representative to the most far left, un-American and socialist elements of our citizenry. Thank God I moved. The thought of this loathsome hypocrite representing me in Washington turns my stomach as it should any Californian with more brains than her. That should equate to at least 70% of the population. See y'all next week sometime...

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