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Thursday, March 24, 2005

I went to the Oracle at Delphi yesterday to consult with Apollo and get my fortune told. For those of you in Sun Valley that means I spoke to the L-Train down in Vegas and we commiserated for awhile about things past and present and really wondered about the generally sorry state of the world. It says something about our own sorry states that we were able to do this while sober and without the benefit of any sort of honky tonk atmosphere or regulated stimulants of any kind. On the other hand he did counsel me to get off my keister and post something on ye olde blog...

I'm feeling pretty disgusted at humanity about now. Regular readers will know that I generally try to inject a little levity into my scathing critiques of the disloyal opposition. The entire Terry Schiavo affair leaves little room for levity. I don't personally understand how we as a nation can standby while our elected officials grandstand, our judges invent law while dishonoring their robes and vows and most importantly while this helpless and innocent woman starves to death simply because along time ago, she happened to marry a piece of human excreta.

Just so I have the whole situation straight in my head. If the Federal Government wants to intervene to save the life of a single woman the left calls that overbearing and cries out to uphold the sanctity of States Rights. (An issue near and dear to my heart.) However, let the Federal government intervene to uphold the invented constitutional right to abortion and the left applauds, calling it the natural course of government to protect the rights of citizens. Funny I don't recall that ol' right to abortion anywhere in the Bill of Rights. So it should come as no surprise then that once again we have a staggering display of hypocrisy on the part of the left that shouldn't catch any educated observer off guard.

Someone please tell me, besides an incredible hatred for America and human life, what do these people stand for? How in hell do they continue to win congressional seats? Most importantly, when are we going to acknowledge that Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers always asserted that the People were the final arbiter. When are we going to insist on judicial appointments that will strictly uphold the law and interpret the Constitution and not invent one and pervert he other. If Terry Schiavo dies, it may well be her great legacy to us that the President's judicial appointments will encounter no more opposition.

Last thing, John or Millie England if you're out there and reading this, can you direct your mouse over to the left hand side of this column and click on the link that says "contact Smilin' Paul". I'd love to hear from y'all and besides, I suspect you might know where someone else is.

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