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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Well that anniversary was something less than climactic. Let's try another. Recently I made another foray deep behind enemy lines. Going home is always enlightening especially when it's in the bluest part of a blue state. It can convey a sense of what the other side is thinking and feeling if you can actually steel yourself to the task and of course you have your blood pressure medicine. In any event, while back home I was looking at some old photos and I was reminded of another anniversary that takes place this summer. Once again it was twenty years past and if the Chop and Mick don't remember this one, well it's time to get them checked out because this anniversary has photographic evidence. Here's a hint, it combines two great American pastimes, BBQ and Beer.

Speaking of home, some of you know that while in the Bay Area I like to indulge myself in my traditional Catholic upbringing. Besides the usual guilt, I always get in a side of self flagellation. All right L-train and some of you others with minds in the gutter, look it up....Now I don't go in for leather straps or wooden switches, it can get messy. Instead my tool of choice is the radio. Finding tortuous radio programming in the Bay Area is no problem as a short trip on your AM dial will get you to KGO radio. KGO is all newstalk and is a local version of Err America. Listening to the twisted logic and America hating bile that spews forth from the likes of Bernie Ward and Ray Taliaferro is far more painful than being beaten with a switch.

Yesterday of course marked a couple of momentous occasions. It was the 61st Anniversary of D-Day which not surprisingly was the last invasion the American Left actually supported. Being the cuddly, prescient types that they are, the left no doubt forecast that the French would someday be useful ideological allies and so they needed them liberated. The rest of us owe a debt of gratitude to those allied troops who stormed a hostile shore to advance the cause of freedom. Yesterday will also be a special day for Judge Priscilla Owen as she has finally been sworn into the Federal Bench. That must really blister the hides of the so called "progressives". Now if we can just get the rest of the President's judicial nominees through we'll be well on the road. I expect many of you have difficulty seeing the importance of judicial appointments but in my next rant, I'll demonstrate the lunacy of placing judges on the bench who determine that they can construct law.

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