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Monday, July 17, 2006

Having just returned from a restful vacation in Mexico, I had been anticipating posting some observations of mine from that sojourn. That seems a quaint notion in light of whats been happening in the world since our return. I still intend to post those observations as I think they are germane to the immigration debate we are having and I did take the opportunity to speak to numerous Mexican nationals while there. I think that many Americans may be heartened by what I saw and found during my vacation. However that will have to wait for the next column. Right now, I think it best if we had a little refresher on that most impotent and useless of international bodies…the United Nations.

OK I shouldn’t call the UN useless. After all their mere existence and the presence of their headquarters in New York serves to keep countless cabbies and hookers gainfully employed. Otherwise, the existence of this body is a blight on humanity. There are two things at which UN Ambassadors excel, endless, pointless chatter that resolves nothing and passing out food parcels on the dime of the American taxpayer. In light of the current situation in Israel, I can’t see a need for anymore idle chit chat and no one is complaining of hunger pangs yet in Beirut so in my humble opinion there is no need for the UN to get involved.

Not that their involvement would accomplish anything. As we saw last weekend with the passing of a resolution against the North Koreans for continuing their nuclear weapons program, the passing of a resolution is pointless without the force to back it up. The left opines about an American foreign policy that is conducted at the muzzle of a gun. I have news for the lefties, ALL effective foreign policy has traditionally originated at the point of a weapon whether it was Roman pilum, Spanish sabers, Royal Navy cannon or American cruise missiles. Strong policy is enacted because the other side understands that you have the ability to enforce the policy agreed to and dire consequences result when the policy is violated. The North Koreans set a record by rejecting the resolution in under an hour. They scoff at us precisely because they know that as long as we bind our decisionmaking process to that of the UN and the utterly corrupt Security Council, they need not fear us.

What we currently lack, thanks to the never ending assault of the secular left upon our educational institutions, is a national will to enforce change. We can see the same result in Israel right now. Their Prime Minister Olmert is a leftist at heart and thus Israel has not shown the will to do what needs to be done. That is the complete annihilation of both Hamas and Hezbollah through the use of ground troops. This may yet occur and it needs to. Iran and Syria must also be made to pay for their support of international terror and any potential that Israel might strike Iran must be enabled and assisted by the United States in any fashion possible. Two years ago, the UN passed resolution 1559 which stipulated that a peacekeeping force would be established in Southern Lebanon and also mandated the disarming of Hezbollah. Naturally nothing has been done.

Why is this so? Because while the UN may do wonders with food packages and plundering oil for food profits, while they may excel at raping young girls in Third World nations while turning a blind eye towards official corruption, they are unable to enforce a peace in the Middle East without a military arm owing their allegiance to the UN. Americans I pray would never allow the US Military to become such an instrument. Once again, effective foreign policy emanates from the barrel of a gun. Like it or not lefties, but that is life in the real world both on the street and in the world arena. Common gangsters in Los Angeles understand the concept quite well. Unfortunately for us, our State Department is largely populated by cringing poltroons educated at Harvard and Yale and therefore have no concept of life in the real world.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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