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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Observations from the Emerald City. Seafood here is good…damn good…and damned expensive too. The beer is good as well and damn if the people aren’t friendly as all get out. Now I know that this city is full to the brim with lib’ruls and that this state is the Left Coast’s answer to the People’s Republic of Massachusetts but if you’ve got to be in a lib’rul area, at least it’s bearable when they smile. Besides there’s a lot of women up here who aren’t exactly hard on the eyes and that means that unlike your New York libs, these can probably still carry on a conversation and they aren’t in your face. In other words, while they’re still wrong, (being libs that is more or less a permanent condition) at least they don’t make you miserable by subjecting you to their perennially incorrect views on things.

All of which begs another question, why is it that your lib’ruls get the prime coastal properties? OK, OK…I know we’ve still got Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Northern Florida, and the entire Gulf Coast but you never see a hurricane bearing down on California, Washington or Massachusetts much less Long Island. Myself, I credit this atmospheric condition to the vacuum caused by so many empty heads in those states. The politicians feeling compelled to fill the void create their own high pressure front with the noxious carbon dioxide they emit every time they get near a news camera. Just a theory, but I bet if I changed lib’rul to conservative and wrote a grant proposal to study the problem, the government would send me a few million to finance the study.

Now then back to things culinary. Now that I’m up here for the 1st time in 25 years, I couldn’t wait to get on the outside of some Alderwood plank smoked Salmon. Goodness is that stuff art on a plate. I can see why they brag on it so much. That is without a doubt the best prepared salmon I’ve ever had and lemme tellya, I’ve put away some seafood in my day. If any of y’all are ever up this way, try it out at The Brooklyn, you’ll hurt yourself. The crab sandwiches in this town aren’t to be trifled with either.

Anyways sportsfans, we’re just a few days from the start of college football and my beloved Longhorns title defense begins. I’m standing by Cal over Tennessee in week 1, give the pts. I’ll have more to say as I get back to God’s country and settled back into the swing of things. Remember to check back in for guest chef Jay Brown’s take on beer-battered cod and Cajun coleslaw…

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