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Sunday, August 20, 2006

As if there is any surprise here, in the week since the celebrated ceasefire in the Middle East, we have already paid witness to the appalling spectacle of the UN chastising Israel for breaking the provisions of the ceasefire. You see, the Israeli’s actually launched a commando raid deep into Lebanon the other day. The purpose of the raid was to interdict a shipment of arms being sent from Syria to Hezbollah. Of course, in righteous indignation, that farcical body of do nothing’s called the United Nations screams at Israel. If we can all remember, it was only a few days ago that Israel agreed to this disastrous ceasefire that was forced upon it by the UN. One of the reasons the Israeli’s agreed to the abomination in the first place was the fact that the International Keystone Kops we call the UN had brokered the disarming of Hezbollah. So what happens? The Syrians and Iranians attempt to send arms to the terrorist scum in violation of the UN brokered agreement. The Israeli’s attempt to interdict such shipments since the Euroweenies continue to carp about who will commit what troops to the peacekeeping force and since there is no force in place, and who do the socialist anti-Semites at the UN decry? Israel. God Help us all.

Yes I did say Euroweenies. It seems apparent to me that they lack the vision and will of earlier generations. The french in particular are a vile nation of poltroons intent only on carving out what they can for their failing socialist experiment and their dimming memories of the gloire of empire. They had pledged 2,000 of their troops to a peacekeeping force for Lebanon and now have reneged. Not that this should surprise us. They have merely done that which the french excel at. They have surrendered without so much as firing a shot. This is of course a much more expedient and economical practice than actually fighting. So now, the froggies say they’ll send a couple hundred engineers and they are still willing to exercise overall command of the UN force. It is little wonder that the word gall is the phonetic equivalent of Gaul. I expect that any french engineers sent to Lebanon will soon be fast at work, (at least for 35 hrs a week) rebuilding Hezbollah headquarters in a show of military solidarity. No matter the stated french position, any historian knows that the french have a long and sordid history of anti-semitism in their national makeup.

Speaking of stated positions which are just flat out wrong, how about this global warming pseudo-science? Last year at this time, we were being harangued by the network news reporters telling us how awful the hurricane season was. New Orleans was to be swept away. Global warming, (which as far as I can see is mostly the result of Algore continuing to exhale) was going to produce progressively more catastrophic hurricanes season after season. Here we are nearing the end of August, with the season set to peak in less than a month and we have had no hurricanes strike the US. Next thing you know, the liberal, environazis will be counting Chinese typhoons against the US total. After all, what is a little lie if it advances your agenda? The left has never been known for its strict adherence to the concepts of truth and fidelity. Someone wake me when there is irrefutable proof of global warming and then I’ll be interested in listening. Until then, can you please let us go forward with building a few oil refineries and getting some more drilling goin’ on?

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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Blogger atarinaper said...

What can the UN really do to Israel? I mean if one can't fight against someone who is trying to kill them, then why bother living as a nation? The lefto frenchies are all wrong, I can't believe we suport them and the UN so much.

Al Bore, errr I mean Gore doesn't know what he's talking about anyways, after all he invented the internet rememeber? ;)

20 August, 2006 21:53  

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