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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Of course some of you all must be young, Republican and financiers so naturally today you oughta be counting up your winnings. For those of you keeping score on the Pancho Palica Pick of the Week, we're stronger than rent with a 7-3 record against the spread this year so far. Keep the American economy strong and reinvest that money in sports futures. Which of course I'll get back at y'all with the picks of the week later. Gotta tell you though, it looks like a grim week for easy pickin's.

Speaking of grim, seems like the islamofascists are going to upset my regularly scheduled prediction on the election. I'll get back to you on that because first I need to address the growing similarity between your garden variety islamofascist and your average seditious lib'rul. First off, neither of them can laugh. Ever notice that about libs? They can't take a joke and they're perpetually offended when you tell a funny one. Let's face it, the best jokes are directed at ethnic groups and disadvantaged folks like Cajuns and Aggies. Now I can sit around with a bunch of Cajuns and tell Cajun jokes all day and we'd all be laughing our fool heads off. That is until some lib'rul shows up and decides that the poor Cajuns are offended. Hell you can't even tell a good Polish joke anymore. Let's face it, unless the joke is about commiting capital felonies against President Bush, your standard democrat isn't about to crack a smile.

Of course, the same is true with your committed islamofascist. You never see anyone laughing on the news and I bet if Iranian President Ahmadinejad tried, he'd herniate his cheeks. That boy is wound a little tight. But that does explain why you never hear the feminists sniveling about islamofascism. Despite the fact that radical islam seeks to keep women in roughly the same social status they enjoyed 1400 years ago. Islamofascists and feminazis have enough in common that the feminists will refrain from attacking them despite the obvious hypocrisy of ignoring a group determined to enslave them. Of course I think I've demonstrated over the past three years that hypocrisy isn't a concern for democrats, it's a modus operandi.

None of which addresses the central issue of today's rant. Seems a lot of folks are having a little sport at the Pope's expense. Well if I were the Pope, I'd be issuing a press release telling islam that I've already apologized once and if it didn't cut it well tough. Oh and by the way, I'm changing my name from Benedict XVI to Urban V. See how they like that. Of course I can only dream of that in today's politically correct world. Now the Pope doesn't need me to speak for him, he did it already and he is being vilified for using the words of a 15th century Byzantine Emperor that none of us ever heard of, to illustrate a point which the jihadis are now proving. Radical Islam is a violent religion bent on conquest by violent means. Conveniently forgetting that the Pope clearly stated this was a quote before he uttered the now infamous lines, and also that he has since apologized for the troubles his words may have caused, some less than stout hearted folks want him to apologize unequivocally.

From my lips to the Pope's way Hoss, do NOT apologize. The islamofascists and their lib'rul enablers want you to apologize for a twisting of your words and intentions. Words that are not only taken out of context by the islamists but which are not even your own. Where are the so called elder statesmen of the left? Where are sometime Catholics Jean Kerry and Teddy "Breaststroke" Kennedy in their defense of the Pope and free speech. You all remember free speech don't you? It's that right listed in our Constitution, (a document which most lib'ruls would rather never existed) under First Amendment. The damn thing is, the left only likes the First Amendment when it involves the profligate waste of American tax dollars to support semi-pornographic and anti Christian displays in alleged art exhibits, or when ILLEGAL aliens are demanding more rights in their adopted country. All of which guarantees me the right to have a headache.

I'll have to get back at you tomorrow folks with my take on chicken cordon bleu...

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
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