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Monday, October 02, 2006

I won't say this last weekend was a bloodbath because I still came out ahead but damn those Raiders...I see that I plain forgot to post my picks for the week last Friday but I can go over the dismal results. Wins on Cal, Air Force and big thanks to Pancho Palica the Polish Mexican for his gift of Kent State. Lost with Mizzou and Florida both failing to cover and by the grand total of 2.5 pts. That hurt because otherwise it would have been a clean sweep. Also dumped a parlay card with Michigan, Dallas, Houston and Oakland. Thanks again Raiders. Good lord they look awful.

This week will find myself and the Polish Mexican down at the Mirage in Vegas trying to parlay our football knowledge into a financial empire. Be sure to tune in for tales from Sin City as Bull Smith comes to watch the Red River Shootout with us and Texas dismantles the Chuckwagon gang.

Back to our bread and butter though. Like any other decent American I am disgusted with the actions of former Republican Representative Mark Foley who resigned over an e-mail and instant message sex scandal involving a former page. If it's true that Republican leadership knew of Foley's activities then as a Republican I demand that heads roll. On the other hand, we should not be held hostage to the typical democrat demagoguery. Besides being generally seditious, the democrats coddle their sexual predators, witness IMPEACHED ex-president Clinton, former Congressmen Mel Reynolds and Barney Frank of the People's Republic of Massachusetts. The difference is obvious. Democrats re-elect their sexual predators. Republicans hand theirs the proverbial political pistol with 1 bullet and ask them to do the honorable thing.

Not that I've come to expect much honor from the Party of Sedition. Last week they howled for release of a classified document because it might support their claims that we have only increased the likelihood of terrorism by toppling Saddam. Can you imagine Republicans in the 1940s screaming for the release of classified information? Of course not. Republican Wendell Wilkie was continually provided with information about the war, intelligence estimates and planning for defeating the Axis. Though he might have disagreed with much of it, he never made political hay out of it the way modern democrats do in their shameless bid to regain power. Which is precisely why I beleive that Republicans maintain both houses of Congress in the upcoming elections. Americans know we're at war, the democrats have provided no substantive plans to better deal with the war and in the end, Americans just aren't ready as P.J. O'Rourke famously quipped, "to hand the car keys and a bottle of whisky to the teenagers."

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