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Friday, November 03, 2006

Well there sportsfans, it's been a brutal couple weeks and if you been following my picks, then you all are probably headed for bankruptcy. Holy cow, lost on my beloved Longhorns last week, Mizzou, Auburn all failing to cover. And the Niners couldn't cover a 3+TD spread...put a fork in me, I'm done. That said, I still believe in stimulating the economy the old-fashioned way and since I made a helluva run in Vegas, I've gotta bounce back here soon. Didn't get much input this week from Pancho Palica the Polish Mexican. He did pass his regards and says he loves the Patsies at home against the Colts. Now before I get ahead of myself though...

Take the Middies of Navy and give the 11.5 pts at Duke.
The Land Thieves over the Sodbusters. OU givin' 2.5 pts at Texas A&M
Arkiesaw over South Carolina in Columbia. Give the 2.5 pts
The Mormons big over Colorado St. Give the 16.5 pts
Cornhuskers at home, give the 6.5 pts against Mizzou
Tennessee at home, getting 2.5 pts on Rocky Top. They cover against LSU

In NFL action, love the Seahawks over the Raiders. Big...give the 8.5 pts
Chargers over the Browns, give the pts. or tease them down.

Now get out there and keep Americas economy strong...

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