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Sunday, November 12, 2006

It's been a nice 23 year run so I reckon I can't complain too much. There was the week when I was in school at the University of Texas where I managed to lose my job, my wallet and my girlfriend within a span of a few days. (listed in their order of relative pain in the ass to rectify...) What I learned from those events was that 1. Don't look to Stop and Rob for longterm employment, 2. always know the whereabouts of your wallet and credit card and carry minimal cash, 3. avoid psychotic debutantes from Alabama. Since that week, I've got to say I haven't really had too much to snivel about in the ol' adversity department. Until of course this week. I mean losing the election was bad enough but to have my beloved Longhorns get WHIPPED like red-headed step-children on national TV was positively painful.

A side benefit for most of you all was that I was so damn busy this week that I didn't get to post my picks of the week. Lucky for y'all. I had Texas, Auburn, Cal and the Sodbusters at A&M. Can we say financial reenactment of Pearl Harbor? At least my own Nevada Bombers, faithfully coach by Hargus "Pig" Hughes managed to hold on to first place in my fantasy league.

So we can see then that ol' Smilin' Paul isn't exactly hitting on all cylinders of late so perhaps one of you, my faithful and educated readers can inform me. Just when exactly did the U.S. Senate become the architect of American foriegn policy? I turn on the TV this morning and am instantly treated to the sight of Carl Levin (D) MI. telling the viewer that the most important consideration for his committee upon taking over Capitol Hill will be a reassessment of foriegn policy with respect to Iraq, Iran and the Middle East. Sorry Senator, but unless I missed something, foreign policy is the purview of the Executive Branch. While the democrats might be ascendant on Capitol Hill, they do not currently inhabit the White House, unless of course the President abdicates his authority in this area.

As if that wasn't enough, I had to watch that gaseous windbag formally known as the senior Senator from the People's Republic of Massachusetts tell the people that with democrats in charge, we would be much more forthcoming to our European allies. That Europeans would be much better informed about the intents and purposes of our foreign policy. Pardon me but...What the fizzuk???? You're going to INFORM the socialists, appeasers and collaborators that inhabit various European capitals of what we intend to do in Foreign Policy. They should learn about it once it occurs or as part of an initiative. But of course Senator Kennedy is no stranger to collaborating with the enemy in as much as he tried to aid the Soviets during the height of the Cold War. This sounds suspiciously to me that the Presidential authority to dictate foreign policy is going to be severely undercut by democrats in an effort to destabilize his position and to make a grab for power. They are not even back in power yet but already they demand more.

Finally we had the spectre late last week of watching Nancy Pelosi, presumed Speaker of the House and who had been in hiding for the month prior to the election, telling us that she would not act to remove the President. Well thanks Nan, so good of you to acknowledge his position. One more time....What the fizzuk??? Do these people really believe that the American people would stand for impeachment in the first place? Where are the crimes? I mean IMPEACHED ex-president Clinton actually committed provable crimes to earn his impeachment. Besides doing his best to defend the nation, what has President Bush done? I mean lying about sex with a barely post-pubescent intern and perjury can hardly compare to combatting terrorism with wiretaps in an effort to snare terrorists before they strike, in the lib'rul mindset.

In any event, I need to get after some chores here, the farrier is on his way and it'll be time to rodeo with the horses. I'll be back here later this week with the promised short rib recipe. I whipped up some pozole rojo this weekend that is hit your grandma good and guest chef Jay Brown has a new recipe for us as well so stick around sports and culinary arts fans, there is no shortage of recipes coming down the pike.

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