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Monday, February 23, 2009

The only difference between General Motors and the Imperial Federal Gubmint is that the gubmint has the ability to print money. Both are failing entities, producing little of value to the average American. GM puts out vehicles that are perceived to be lesser quality than their industrial counterparts, engages in poor business practices that have bankrupted the company and contributed to the bankruptcy of the Nation, and now comes hat in hand to Washington, seeking countless tax dollars to staunch the bleeding. A vain hope of attaining business viability compelling them to seek refuge at the teat of the treasury as a young calf looks to its mother for milk. The federal gubmint, already indebted for generations, and now headed by a socialist intent on remaking the most successful economy in history, willingly extends billions of our treasure on Hopey Dopey's vanity and political paybacks.

To any legitimate American who capably manages their own household finances, the only reasonable and responsible course of action for General Motors would be to declare bankruptcy and restructure. O'Bama will not allow this as it would mean voiding the many union contracts that hold the successful business operation hostage. Those same contracts that pay union members to sit at home watching Oprah and Jerry Springer, that allow them to sleep on the job and to swap shifts for overtime. You don't pay your child their allowance if the chores aren't done and GM and other auto manufacturers should not be paying workers if they are not working.

This is the truth of socialism readers, there is no advancement for merit. Mediocrity is rewarded and ingenuity, self reliance, initiative and responsibilty are stunted. Today the DOW is trading at its lowest level since 1997. Can anyone recall who was president in 1997? Another socialist beloved of big gubmint programs. The left cannot long continue to blame Bush for every economic ill. Since the election of the Obamessiah, the DOW has plunged over 2000 points. Clearly Wall St. though financing his campaign, is nothing more than a collection of useful capitalist idiots to the Socialist in Chief.

What is particularly galling today is the specter of Robert Gibbs, the new press secretary telling the daily press briefing that American government needed to become more fiscally responsible! That he did this with a straight face is only another indicator of the practiced lies that daily emanate from Sodom-on-Potomac. More fiscally responsible, as we print more money to allow greater deficit spending, as we invest in failed business ventures solely to protect union votes, as we bail out irresponsible individuals who purchased homes and property beyond their means.

People, this Administration is off to a roaring start, the kind of start I expected. Unfortunately it was also the kind of start I feared. Can any legitimate American really believe that investment in failing businesses and financially irresponsible people is a better investment that providing for National Defense? As I recall, that is one of the few mandates expressly reserved to the Federal government by the Constitution. But once again, I'm whistling in the wind, few lib'ruls have ever read the Constitution, those that have either revile it, or cannot comprehend its contents.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We are almost a month into Hopey-Dopey's administration. If Legitimate Americans decide to end this carnival of fraud, pandering, and drive to socialism tomorrow, it will not be too soon. But, it is painfully clear the United States has been so spoiled, so coddled, and so accustomed to the comic relief provided by the "dissenting" class, it allowed this group of utter imbeciles to assume high responsibility -- and keys to the safe.

For those of you that suffered through Hopey's "town hall" meetings, you witnessed the personification of cluelessness. One guy expects the government to provide unemployment benefits to match his former salary. That guy obviously voted for the Democratic candidate in the last election. Others want more of the same thing -- their bills paid, responsibilities removed, and no accountability for the poor choices they've made in life. Safe bet those folks pulled the lever for the pandering socialist and racist from Illinois on the presidential ballot. Even as Hopey mumbled and stuttered through unscripted responses, he never once asked the gentleman (who wanted unemployment benefits commensurate with a working wage) if he was actively seeking a new job -- or even attempting to learn a new trade. So, it would be quite a stretch to expect Hopey to ask the assembled if they have taken a good look at their income, expenses, and matched those to make the most of whatever opportunity they forged for themselves through hard work and dedication. (I would be surprised if hard work and dedication ever collides in the same sentence of a resume found in the possession of any of those attending a Hopey-Dopey rally).

Brother Paul laid out a thorough explanation of the fraud and deceit anchoring Hopey's regime -- tax frauds, warmed over halfwits, and political punks. I have no problem whatsoever ripping into these Democrats for the outright lies and deceptions they told between the 2006 Congressional elections and November's travesty. Already, we've learned of Defense Department budget cuts -- to the tune of 10% -- while the Pelosi-Reid cabal attempts to shove the most pork laden, socialism inducing piece of legislation down the throat of every American, claiming it will stimulate the economy. Cutting defense jobs? Not a blink from the botoxed, chin tucked, eye-brow stretched maven of stupidity (that would Pelosi, for you liberals and left wing morons out there). Did anyone hear single word -- even in the heat of campaign rhetoric -- of defense cuts?

Activists from the "downtrodden" minorities (that would be gullible Latinos and African-Americans for the clueless) have convinced Hopey to move the 2010 Census to White House, clearly violating the Constitutional provision that states the Secretary of Commerce would supervise and authenticate its findings. It is my sad duty to report those racial activists have declared the bi-partisan selection of a Republican to the office of Secretary of Commerce to be a threat to their causes. So, instead of lecturing the activists for being such partisan idiots, Hopey instructed his minions to have the Census moved to the White House. That way, all the fraud and deceit surrounding anything involving the registration or actual casting of ballots in Democratic enclaves will be "protected". Remember, Congressional district boundaries are drawn from census results -- the picture could not be any clearer.

Lots of contemporary radicals and loudmouths declare the post WWII America was "rife with racism and poverty". It was. But, it also emerged strong and vibrant, giving those freed from the shackles of racial stupidity all the chances and opportunities millions around the world so desperately sought. Instead, Americans squandered that valor and opportunity in the name of "guilt" -- there is no other explanation for the elevation of such a unqualified human to occupy the office of President of the United States. There are probably several thousand black attorneys that could have run for President. They chose to stick with their stock and trade, perhaps wanting to craft something meaningful and genuine to the cause of advancing the greatness of America for all. Instead, we get this utter buffoon -- a pandering socialist and racist that surrounds himself with the worst sort of political machinery. In a very real way, Hopey may set back the efforts of those thousands of black attorneys for a dozen generations. It is absolutely assured America is in deep trouble until its citizens -- all races, colors, creeds -- stand up and tell the left wing media, liberal pond scum, and their feckless following to take a long walk off a short pier.

In clear terms, it's time to hold the voters accountable for these Democrats. It's time to let those communities voting in these buffoons know -- loud and clear -- their ride is over. Boycotts, whatever, least of all, not a single taxpayer dime (outside of what it takes for those communities to recover whatever losses they've incurred). I'll never spend a nickel in San Francisco or Berkeley. I have friends in California, and I'll be damned if I grace any establishment in those cesspools except to attend a pro-America rally, ready to seperate a few of the locals from their dental work on the slightest provocation. We can no longer pretend only a small corner of California is responsible for its problems. Same must be said for every other liberal enclave tettering on the brink of financial collapse. It's time to let them pay the price for their irresponsibility and ignorance -- add arrogance to the California mix. There is not a shred of evidence to support any call for the people of Texas to pay for the malfeasance of a generation of California's city, county, and state officials. But, in the world of Hopey-Dopey, Texas and every other state working hard to keep things on an even keel will be hit with a huge payment to subsidize even more this nonsense.

Time to stand up and say, "no." Let Californians pay 80% taxes until they learn to run the Democrats into the bay. Radical? Cruel? Hardly. Try taking responsibility for your own failures, liberals. The rest of us will not subidize your folly any longer.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

To borrow from columnist Herb Denenberg, I now know why lib'ruls are so fond of tax increases...because they don't actually pay any taxes. At least not those that Hopey Dopey selects for prominent positions in his administration. On the other hand, given the ham fisted, fast and loose, cavalier manner in which your average democrat handles the taxpayer dollar, I think that we can safely state that P.J. O'Rourke was right. Giving lib'rul democrats the power to control the budget is like giving car keys and whiskey to teenage boys. Bad things are going to happen. I mean besides the recent rash of unqualified and failed felonius cabinet appointments, do the names Bill Richardson (D) New Mexico, Charlie Rangel (D) New York and William Jefferson (D) Louisiana ring any bells? How about Barney Frank (D) Massachusetts and Chris Dodd (D) Connecticut. Legitimate Americans will see a pattern here.

For those of you in Sun Valley, let me be perfectly clear. All those listed above are democrats, not to be redundant, but lib'ruls. They care not a whit for fiscal responsibility, national security or state rights. The problem for Republicans is that they too have recently scorned fiscal responsibility and acted every bit the democrats during their time in power. I have detailed before my many problems with President Bush and the first one is his initial approach to fighting the current war. I felt then and do now that he should have called for half a million volunteers which he would have gotten immediately in the wake of September 11, 2001. Secondly and most importantly he tried to fight the war on the cheap, while engaging in spending practices that have saddled us with a burgeoning debt.

Now we are faced with a national and world wide economic crisis the likes of which hasn't been seen since the 1930s. The lib'ruls would have you believe that the New Deal of Franklin Roosevelt saved the country from the Great Depression. This is hogwash. World War II delivered this country from the grips of the Great Depression. Government spending only exacerbated an already bad economic problem that the free markets eventually would have solved themselves. Now the government in the form of the lib'rul controlled Congress and the O'bama administration are offering the American people deliverance in the form of almost one trillion in new spending.

So where does that trillion bucks come from? Why of course it comes from the American taxpayer, shoving us ever deeper into debt. Now I can understand the desire of many Americans to see their fellow citizens gainfully employed again. I will not debate the merits of needed infrastructure improvements, especially to roads and bridges. So when I learn that the proposed legislation contains items of pork, I can write that off to lib'rul democrats authoring the bill. What I cannot abide or figure out is the following:

Why do we need to spend $88 million on design of a new Coast Guard icebreaker. Don't the old ones work? Besides, Algore tells us that the polar ice is melting due to globull warming. If we just wait, we can save $88 million since there won't be any ice to break larger than that needed to cool your corn squeezin's.

Why do we need to spend $850 million on Amtrak? Amtrak is an excellent example of government inefficiency and waste. Amtrak is our nationalized passenger railway that has NEVER turned a profit. Sell it to private industry and see what they can do with it, they sure can't do any worse.

Why do we need to spend $500 million on State and Local fire stations. Shouldn't the State and local governments being doing this with our State and County tax revenues?

Why do we need to spend $100 million for reducing the hazard of lead based paint. Lead based paint hasn't been used since the 1970's. If we haven't got it all out yet, we ain't ever going to.

Why do we need to spend $268 million for new furniture for the Homeland Security headquarters. I'm sure there is some government surplus metal desks and cabinets around somewhere. In fact I saw some today in the old jail. Where in hell do these government workers propose to get their office furniture? Ethan Allen?

Why do we need to give Hollywood film makers a $246 million tax break to buy film. Here's an idea, make movies that Americans want to see, price the tickets fairly, bring legitimate Americans back into the theaters and maybe you Hollywood types will turn a profit. Incredibly, turning a profit would allow you to purchase your own film, without subsidizing it on the back of the American taxpayer.

Finally, why do we need to spend $400 million for STD screening and prevention? Exactly how does that improve national infrastructure or employ out of work citizens? Unless of course the lib'ruls are intent on subsidizing the world's oldest profession again. It would make sense, after all the democrats have always practiced it themselves. They just haven't ever bothered to tax themselves on it. Don't believe me about the above items? See for yourself here...

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family