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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Few people in the world have earned my respect more than Paul Villa. In fact, the number could very easily be whittled down to "very few". This gracious introduction illustrates why Paul is not only a man of great decency and intellect, but firmly committed to advancing conservative principles. I am truly honored to be numbered among his friends and family.

This partnership should prove to be not only intellectually stimulating, but an exercise in how legitimate Americans should engage the less fortunate among us -- the chattering idiots, herein referred to as "liberals". It might be the better part of valor to engage in a "friendly" dialogue with the liberal class in America, but since they are so deluded and prone to fabrication, my approach more resembles -- using football terms -- the hammer blows of running off tackle rather than the patience and precision of a spread passing game. In any case, Paul and I shall do what we know must be done to clarify conservative positions -- and lay liberal fantasy to waste.

With all the pleasantries flowing and the atmosphere abundantly warm and fuzzy, let's begin by stating the Republican field of Presidential candidates has seen two very noteworthy conservatives withdraw -- Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson. I have always admired and appreciated Congressman Hunter, and thought Senator Thompson had a very legitimate shot at the White House. Fear not, my fellow legitimate Americans, both these gentlemen will play prominent roles in the Romney adminstration.

Let there be no mistake -- I am a true son of the South. Unreservedly Texan, born into a culture of honor and decency that I have pushed to the limits of the universe on occasion, but always managed to restore in a fashion uniquely my own. Armed with a carrier task force sized armada of experience that has fractured many a liberal skull (figuratively), my sole responsibility, in this forum, is to debunk liberal myths and forge a strong, enduring conservative mindset so that all who visit may use to buoy their ideals and convictions. With that in mind, the first order of business is to get every legitimate American comfortable with the Romney campaign.

I am not the least bit uncomfortable with Governor Romney's faith or background, nor should anyone else be. We will not waste time revisiting the biography and resume of Mitt Romney, rather, I intend to focus on what we -- as legitimate Americans -- should expect from our candidate as we progress toward this very important election cycle. I encourage all my good friends -- Thompson and Hunter supporters -- to take a closer look at the Romney record and how easily he can defeat the Democratic candidate, whichever of those pandering buffoons that party of defeatists and socialists elects to head their national ticket.

John McCain is a man I deeply admire for his courage and passion for serving America. I cannot support his campaign. Rudy Guiliani is a man I deeply admire for his courage and passion for serving America. I cannot support his campaign, either. I appreciate both men for their allegiance to the Republican Party and pray they will come to use their considerable campaigning skills to aid Governor Romney in the coming weeks and months. Once the nomination process is concluded, the convention agenda set, and the focus squarely on one candidate, I am confident the strength and decency of the conservative effort will rise and prevail in the elections. This is vitally important, my fellow legitimate Americans. For once the nominee is chosen -- Mitt Romney -- the liberal press will unleash the full fury of its penchant for distortions, fabrications, and outright lies. We must converge and advance from a position of strength and unity to negate those attempts to smear and belittle the man we know is best suited to lead America into the second decade of this century.

Now that we've established the best man for our party's effort, we'll use future posts to clarify issues. I know Paul and his devotees are disappointed by the Thompson withdrawal, but they will be important players in this dialogue. I don't expect any legitimate American to be a lap dog or uninformed party loyalist. Demand answers, get the truth. I know I will. You can bet your life on that.

Monday, January 21, 2008

In the beginning this blog had been envisioned as a means for me and a buddy of mine named Redline to offer our political rants. Since we've been around for some four and a half years now, and no one in the audience has ever seen a post from Redline, I figured it wasn't likely to happen anytime soon and cancelled his invite. On the other hand, I do appreciate the views of other conservatives and thought that maybe we'd start the new year off with a bang. Especially since one of my resolutions was to have more activity on the blog. You all know how difficult it is to post, especially with work and school and family running interference for you. Well I happened to know a friend in similar straits. He has a blog of his own but publishes to it even less than I do mine. So I decided we ought to combine forces for the mutual benefit of both blogs and readers. Not to mention the modest bump in posting numbers the merger would bring. (Now don't go running off to the stockbrokers just yet...)

This being the case I extended an invitation to post to a very old friend of mine. He was a much sought after, after hours speaker some 20 years ago, especially after an evening of adult beverages and country music. Inevitably we would find ourselves in pursuit of the perfect chicken-fried steak after a night of honky-tonkin' and often our pursuits led us to the Corner House Cafe where "Your Friendly Neighborhood" Spider Dan Stanfield would hold forth to enraptured captive audiences on topics as diverse as Philippine Presidential Politics, the future of Longhorn Football, the need for a 600 ship Navy, and why the Houston Astros couldn't field a National League contender.

Like I said, I've know Dan a long time now and his conservative creds are every bit as unquestioned as mine. In fact he may have declared war on a few more countries than I have. Dan served America honorably for more than a decade and has been at the tip of the Cold War spear. His keen insight and trenchant commentary will be a welcome addition around these parts. Spider Dan has never been one to shy from a fight as some of his gridiron and our barroom exploits will attest. Since the forces of goodness will soon be engulfed in a titanic struggle against the forces of Hillary, I mean Hussein Obama, I reckon we can use all the fighters we can get.

Lastly, as most of the country celebrates MLK Day today I think it is fitting that we acknowledge another abused minority in our nation, Southern White Males. After all in many parts of the South, today is also celebrated as either Jackson-Lee Day in remembrance of the birthdays of Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, or it is simply celebrated as in Alabama, as Robert E. Lee Day. Since the blood of Robert E. Lee runs in my son's veins it is wholly appropos that we celebrate Robert E. Lee Day by extending an invitation to post to our favorite Son of the South and that epitome of Texana, "Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider" Dan Stanfield. Folks, make him welcome...and Spider, remember this here is a family blog...

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I got a call from Larry "Bull" Smith at about dawn this morning. Of course he was bounding out of bed and preparing himself for Nevada's day in the political sun. Today we caucused and I've got to say it was an impressive matter. Which is not the same thing as saying it was either a good idea or an organized manner of conducting our political affairs. First of all it was colder than a brass toilet seat on the shady side of an iceberg this morning. Larry called when I was out feeding the horses and the thermometer on the tack shed was reading a balmy 17 degrees. At the conclusion of the caucus some four hours later it had warmed up considerably to almost freezing.

Now as to the caucus itself I must say that it was gratifying to see so many Republicans in one place. The State party had figured on a few hundred GOP voters to show up at the caucus sites. Instead there were several thousand at my caucus location. That translated to chaos since there weren't enough ballots at my precinct and we were crowded into a gym and high school classrooms to elect delegates. My precinct was inside the gym where you couldn't hear a damned thing. I was sitting in back and kept hollering down to the precinct leader to repeat. Then they tried to get us to elect delegates to the county convention next month. I threw a wrench into that gearbox by pointing out that we would be voting for delegates when we didn't have any idea about whom those delegates supported.

That prompted each of the delegate wannabees to announce who they supported. In good news for Dan "the Friendly Neighborhood Spider" Stanfield, the Mittwitts far outstripped the supporters of any other candidate. I then asked if there were any conservatives around. That got some laughs from the legitimate Republicans present. Two women stood up and said that they were running for a position as delegate and that they both supported Fred Thompson. They got my vote and the votes of my neighbors who had been leaning towards a Thompson-Romney split. Fortunately for them I was able to counsel them about their marital discord, demonstrate to the Mrs. how she was in error in doubting her Thompson supporting husband, and getting her to change her vote to the Tennessee Stud. So I accomplished my goal of ensuring at least one delegate from my precinct was voting for Thompson.

Sadly, I don't think there were enough Frednecks out there today, whether it was in South Carolina or here in the land of Dust and Lust. Time will tell of course and naturally any Republican in this race, with the exceptions of Rupaul and Julie-annie, is preferable to any candidate mustered from the party of sedition. Aka democrats. Naturally it was democrats who foisted the caucus system off on us in Nevada and today we got to see the Persian bazaar manner in which the dems routinely conduct business. Any right thinking man or woman who could watch a democrat caucus and then willingly vote for them to govern the affairs of the nation, can safely be considered devoid of common sense.

One nice thing about the Nevada caucus has been watching the liberals eat their own. Team Clinton v. Team Obama has been the best fight booked in Vegas all year. The creation of nine Super Caucus sites in Las Vegas was a political farce. The Culinary Union flexed its muscle and threw its support to foreign agent and Manchurian Candidate Hussein Obama, simultaneously throwing dirt on the junior Senator from New York and wife of the IMPEACHED ex-president. Had that union supported her, there would have been no sniveling about the establishment of caucus sites inside the casinos. Since the foreign agent won the endorsement of the union over the howls of the Clintons, they were prepared to fight the establishment of those casino caucus sites had she lost the caucus. Instead, she whose name must not be mentioned, satan's candidate, and the only candidate endorsed by the People's Liberation Army of the Republic of China, won the State of Nevada democrat caucus.

What chaps my hide about the establishment of those super caucus sites in Las Vegas is the naked pandering to voters the act represents. No other class of workers gets to vote where they work but you gotta love the democrats. They go to the voters most likely to be illegal aliens, most likely NOT to have legitimate ID, the voters who most want handouts from the government and the voters most likely to want America to fail in the War on Terror. You know, the voters known as the democrat base. Then again, all we had to do was look at the caucus start times to know who the Americans who actually contribute to society are. The Republicans caucused at 0900. Of course most of us work real jobs and are accustomed to being up early so a 0900 start time for us was like the middle of the day. Get the caucus over with, grab some lunch and then get on with the rest of the day.

Not so the democrats. Their start time of 1100 allowed for them to roll out of bed at 1000, treat their hangovers, fire up a bowl of Humboldt Homegrown Polio Weed, and catch the bus to their caucus site. Once there they were probably greeted with snarls from the precinct mothers, living reminders of the FDR era, passing out literature detailing the many acts of sedition committed by the democrat candidates. The aroma of hemp and chai tea was probably thick in the air. Kucinich supporters probably stood out in their 70% post-recycled hemp t-shirts and tri-color berets. Obama supporters no doubt hung to one side, shades pulled down and cigarets drooping from the corner of their mouths. Edwards supporters probably grieved for their candidate in one (small) corner, wondering how a man with such perfect hair could lose any election. (Answer: perfect hair doesn't fill the empty suit.)Clinton supporters probably threatened any dissenters with a trip to Fort Marcy Park, while taking down their names and greasing the palms of NEA bosses.

In other words, chaos ruled the day in Nevada. Romney wins walking away and she whose name must not be mentioned also posts a victory. If it comes down to those two in November, it won't be much of a choice. We'll be able to vote for a man who recently discovered he's a conservative or a woman who has never discovered that she is an American and has never read the Constitution. Of course she's probably well versed with Das Kapital and Mao's little red book. Well God blessed us, may He look over us as we once again try our best to undo the efforts of our Founding Fathers.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family