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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Here's hoping all legitimate Americans had a very Merry Christmas and will have a safe and Happy New Year. Of course, we are faced with a political crisis and four years of ideology driven, mindless folly thanks to the practical joke played by a few million idiotic Americans (those voting for Hopey-Dopey). For the life of every legitimate American, the media's fascination with this underqualified pandering socialist and racist is something of a mystery -- although history will reveal it was the media's full fledged creation of this buffoon's "credentials" in order to demonstrate just how gullible and arrogant some large factions of American society can be.

In a few weeks, Hopey-Dopey and his crew will take the reins of American government. What we've been led to believe is this: wholesale change and a renewal is going to sweep the nation. (Only in America could someone get away with making such pronouncements and get elected to high national office.) What we're going to see is this: simplistic efforts to marginalize wholesale change and renewal. Is that contradictory (simplistic effort, etc.)?

Not at all.

Millions of words were spoken and thousands of pages of rhetoric filled the 2008 campaign, all centered on how Democrats were going to "restore faith in America and abroad". We're beginning to learn just how they wish to accomplish that lofty feat: bail out bad business, pour billions into infrastructure, and repeat the same mistakes that have left states (Michigan, California, to name just two) in dire financial straits. Factor in Hopey-Dopey's complete and utter cluelessness regarding foreign affairs, we can all but hope the sticker shock doesn't drive legitimate Americans to the brink of full fledged revolt. But, then again, maybe it's time for a major purge -- a cultural cleansing, if you will.

I carry a heavy stick -- ready to strike back at those that seemed to take great joy in the wreckless and irresponsible attacks on conservative voices during the past campaign. There are several "entertainers" I will never spend a penny to see or hear. There are television networks that will never get a second's worth of my Neilson rating time. There are newspapers I will never read, much less buy. Magazines, etc., etc., etc. Now, I know the cavalier and arrogant editors of those media organizations will ask you, "What's one disgruntled conservative?".

You should respond this way: this gentleman is the personification of America. Full of hope and admiration for the success and longevity of this great land. Full of compassion and giving for those that legitimately need and deserve it. I didn't just "serve" in the Armed Forces; I made significant contributions to the cause of American power and prosperity -- along with several thousand like-minded comrades. I love to have a good time and don't pretend otherwise. I have probably forgotten more about hell raising and girl chasing than most American men will ever know, but every one of those I came into contact with during those adventures knew one thing: this guy is for real.

Can I run for office and win? Sure. Do I have skeletons in the closet? Not really. I play the game about as well as it can be played, staying true to the system, even when it hurts a little. The reason Brother Paul and I pontificate here -- and everywhere -- is because we care about small things. Not the minutia that consumes liberals and petty souls among us, but we know a basket full of small things, left unattended, can amount to one large thing in a damned big hurry. If we allow a handful of goofy environmentalists to prevent brush clearing in Southern California, we've allowed hundreds of homes and lives to be placed in great peril -- at a staggering cost compared to simply clearing the brush. If we allow social experimentation in secondary education, we allow greater dependence on welfare and social programs (see 2008 Presidential election outcome). If we fail to maintain due vigilence and pre-emption regarding foreign affairs, we allow dangerous enemies to strike our homeland.

America will never be perfect. As we've come to understand lately, there are far too many interpretations of words like "values" and "justice". Redress of grievance has become the foundation for many -- ignoring the basic premise that taking responsibility for one's actions ultimately rights all wrongs. That goes for both sides of the equation: if your role in life is to lead responsibly, do so or pay the price for failure. No American has cornered the market on the nuances of leadership. We've seen glory and failure in the same struggle. For Democrats to believe they have "what it takes to lead" is absolute garbage -- Democratic dominated institutions and states are abyssmal failures. I am disappointed in the recent failures of conservatives to lead when they had the chance, but my disappointment is tempered with resolve to quit propping up imagery and get to the substance of leadership. Liberals can't produce substance; imagery is their stock and trade. America cannot survive playing the "smoke and mirror" game, but that is the path so many have chosen for the next four years.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Christmas season is upon us. 2008 is nearly done. Who would have believed -- a scant six months ago -- the greatest nation in history is about to suffer through its greatest national humilation over the next few months. In case you are a blithering idiot (that would be those voting for or salivating over this pandering socialist and racist known as the "president-elect"), just sit back and watch as "Hopey-Dopey" takes this country down the darkest road imaginable.


I refuse to call the man by name. As a proud veteran of the US Armed Forces and patriot par excellance, I consider anyone that voted for or supports this Marxist tool a traitor and buffoon. This has nothing to do with race, gender, or religious persuasion. It has everything to do with qualifications and experience. Hopey-Dopey has neither. During his multi-million dollar campaign, the pandering socialist and racist begged for "new direction" and "change". What America got was the wife of an impeached, disgraced, disbarred, convicted felon from Arkansas at State, political favors returned in the form of other key Cabinet assignments, and the exposure of Illinois corruption at the highest level.

It is a nightmare scenario unfolding before our very eyes.

Now, the lickspittles in the national propaganda office (otherwise known as the mainstream media) insist Hopey-Dopey had no clue any of the collusion and graft was taking place in Springfield or Chicago. As Dennis Miller so adroitly observed, Hopey-Dopey, by making those assertions, is either too damned stupid or dishonest to be president of the United States. This clown hasn't even been sworn into office and we're already looking at prison time for some of his closest associates. While I may have paraphrased Mr. Miller's comments, the point is clear: how much hypocrisy can liberals and their left wing enablers attempt to hoist up the proverbial flag pole before legitimate Americans -- firmly and finally -- put an end to it?

Only a blithering idiot believes Hopey-Dopey will improve education or the quality of life for a single American. Of course, he can put thousands of dollars in some welfare queen's bank account and allow the national propaganda office to trumpet her "achievement". Or, he can nationalize failing industry so a depleted tax base can prop up corrupt and incompetent labor unions. Perhaps, he'll surrender America's superpower status to a collection of third world countries -- Somalia comes to mind -- that use 16 foot aluminum boats and 6 horsepower Evinrudes to commandeer Navy warships on the high seas.

For Hopey-Dopey to accomplish anything meaningful, none of his campaign promises can be met. Most of those promises were campaign rhetoric and fantasy, all of which the moronic left and every liberal absorbed like sun on a Florida beach. Like that sunny day at the beach, supporters of this pandering socialist and racist will feel an intense burn and great discomfort once reality strikes home: America's schools are little more than ideological workshops, the world is very dangerous, and threatening to nationalize failing business models leads to economic disaster.

Anyone expecting Hopey-Dopey to crack down on failing schools or confront armed terrorists is a fool. It is hard to take a group of spoiled children away from their worthless games and mind numbing television in order to teach them facts about science, math, or proper use of the English language. It is easy to dump incredibly inaccurate or revisionist data on young minds, knowing the hard work of explaining who, what, when, and why makes left wingers and liberals look like the monumental fools they are. If so much of the world's ills could be laid at the feet of President Bush, how much of the onslaught of socialism and Marxist style failure will the national propaganda office lay at the feet of Hopey-Dopey?

Americans succeed if they show guts and guile in the face of adversity. Schools that fail to teach facts are improved when liberals are thrown out and legitimate teachers are brought in. Businesses that operate effective plans -- even those with union labor -- stay profitable and provide goods and services, not to mention good jobs for those employed by that firm. A strong military that has the authority to act against those taking up arms against America keeps all we work and strive to create from those that cannot or will not put the same effort into their own noble effort. It seems many Americans have forfeited the right to declare themselves "free people" by endorsing the candidacy of Hopey-Dopey and his ilk. They expect something for nothing -- nothing is what they'll get.

No one has the right to demand anything but liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If that pursuit involves taking from those that do and giving to those that don't, we've failed as a nation and as a people of free men. Hopey-Dopey has no clue how to lead a nation, but he gives great speeches on a wide range of topics. Too bad his legacy will be one of utter failure and diminished return -- the national propaganda office is already lowering expectations so the populace will not rise up en masse to demand his immediate ouster.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

First, allow me to thank Brother Paul for holding down the fort while your intrepid Texican attended to a host of pressing matters. It may come as a surprise none of those aforementioned matters involved planning either revolution or seceding from the Union, but I may consider both in the days, weeks, and months to come. Legitimate America is waking to news of greater corruption and graft from the Land of Lincoln (that'd be the state of Illinois for you liberals and other such mental midgets), home of the pandering socialist and racist recently chosen as the next President of the United States. As details emerge from the arrest (and eventual conviction) of Illinois' governor -- entrenched in the same political apparatus that hoisted this incompetent "President-elect" to his current position -- Americans will be forced to confront their own naivete' and arrogance about politics. I'll give some folks the benefit of the doubt here; being naive and arrogant about the body politic is not going to send one straight to gates of Hell, but being an idiotic left wing supporter of this bombastic socialist from Illinois (the President-elect) should earn front row seats to Satan's "Let's dunk American liberals in burning oil" jamboree.

I would love to devote all my waking hours to dissecting the flaws in the BCS. No legitimate college football fan will deny the impressive manner in which Florida and Oklahoma finished their seasons after their losses (Mississippi and Texas, respectively), but let's make sure we take care to examine every angle when it comes down to setting the table for the national championship. Oklahoma went on a scoring rampage against every opponent they faced following a thorough beat-down by Texas, and Florida overcame the errors that cost them the Mississippi game in much the same fashion -- blowing out everybody that lined up against them. As a Texas Longhorn fan, I am supremely disappointed we didn't end all speculation by holding on to beat Texas Tech. I'd love to see the Longhorns in the national championship game, but Oklahoma completely destroyed Texas Tech. I believe that lopsided victory created enough style points for the Sooners to legitimately stake a claim for a berth in the national championship contest. Question is: did Florida do enough to earn the other spot, or should the Texas - OU matter be settled on the field as the national championship?

I bleed orange, folks (that means I live and die with the 'Horns), but I will submit to the world Florida did, indeed, earn the right to play for the title. Texas will plaster Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl to finish #2 behind the winner of OU - Florida. As of this writing, I am inclined to believe Oklahoma has the edge, but I'll never underestimate the Gators. It will be one hell of a game.

Like Brother Paul, I am going to refrain from analysis of the next administration until they are seated and begin to butcher American institutions. By then, it may be too late for most legitimate Americans to react, but we can prepare for the 2010 Congressional elections. My devotion to Americana remains steadfast and reliable -- have no fear. We must do what is necessary to protect America from this experiment in social engineering, overcoming what damage may be done by holding conservative candidates to their word. The Republicans took the easy road last time out, and it cost them dearly. It's time to roll up the sleeves and start mucking out the proverbial Washington stable. It's a dirty, smelly, and unglamorous way to keep things tidy, but all too necessary in the current world dynamic.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lib'rul big gubmint loves me. I pay all of my taxes and fees on time and as a general rule I am not given to using the many gubmint services offered as a result of my dutiful tax payments. This past week was different however. I found that my tax dollar is well used to support any number of heretofore belittled lib'rul feel good programs. I say this because after the BCS Rankings came out I found it necessary to avail myself of 3-4 counseling sessions on the Rape Crisis Hotline discussing the absolute assault on the senses that ranked OU over Texas.

Even now I'm still not coming to terms with the trauma of yet another sneaky, unearned, ill-gotten Big 12 Championship for the Dirt Burglars out of Oklahoma. The infamy is so profound that I haven't spoken to the Texan since just after the Sodbusters got mudstomped in Austin on Thanksgiving Night. Rumor has it that our humble Texas correspondent has confined himself to a hotel room in Houston with a case of Jim Beam whiskey and several aspiring Sooner cheerleaders.

In any event, I needed a break after that dismal conclusion to the College football regular season. Tonight the lovely and talented Mrs. Smilin' Paul and I will be heading down to Las Vegas where we will spend some time with Larry "Bull" Smith and his lovely bride. We'll attend the National Finals Rodeo and the Cowboy Christmas and "Bull" will pony up the steak supper he owes me for the drubbing that the Longhorns visited on his Chuckwagon Gang. So yeah, he gets a team to cheer for in the Big 12 Championship on Saturday night but he also gets a supper check from me and the Mrs.

Of course the Holidays are here and I've been fairly quiet about the outcome of the election. With good reason of course. As a historian I've been evaluating this transition period and watching President-elect O'Bama as he makes his first moves. I'll have plenty to comment on soon enough folks. Just let me get through this here weekend and some catch up school work when I get back, then I'll offer up my usual trenchant political commentary on the new administration.

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