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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good afternoon, fellow legitimate Americans. Your friendly neighborhood Spider Dan reporting.

With all we have to concern ourselves -- thanks to the incredible incompetence displayed by the regime of Hopey-Dopey, Reid, Pelosi, et. al. -- it's difficult to single out an issue that legitimate Americans should address realistically, effectively, and immediately. Life in our great nation continues toward the day when liberals will finally find themselves reduced to the septic tank of history, although the damage they do enroute to that long deserved resting place may be severe.

As expected, the current administration is demonstrating measures of incompetence on the foreign policy front many forecast, yet hoped would not be realized. Sports fans, our worst nightmare is unfolding before our very eyes -- thanks in large part to a fawning and completely "in-the-tank" media. It seemed only a few short months ago this "watchdog media" was using every rumor, innuendo, and baseless accusation to portray the Bush administration as nothing short of criminal. Perverting the foundation of our free press mandate -- established by our founding fathers -- the current batch of left wing ideologues contaminating mass media has all but abandoned their constitutionally protected duty to identify and report on the degrees of failure we're rapidly seeing from those entrenched in Washington. In a word, that's their "team" holding the reins of government. If it weren't actually happening, I would never believe it could -- not in this great nation.

Let's get to the salient issues confronting us today. North Korea is a good place to start. I had the honor of serving as a member of the vaunted Joint Security Force's First Platoon at Panmunjom, Korea back during the final stages of the Vietnam conflict. The Cold War was evolving, communists were emboldened by America's withdrawal from Southeast Asia, and rogue outfits (like North Korea) took full advantage of the propaganda windfall that accompanied the end of American military activity in Vietnam. Fast forward to present day -- little has changed behind the secretive and dangerous borders of what is proving to be the world's most dysfunctional nation.

South Korea (Republic of Korea for you liberals and other such half-witted idiots) is a booming nation of nearly 50 million hearty souls. Many of my personal experiences there were profound and enlightening, as you might expect. The most important thing I retained from my tour in the DMZ was how much we need to end the threat coming from the north, no matter how it was accomplished. While it would be nice if this plague on mankind would finally crumble and fade into the ashes of history, North Korea somehow manages to plod along like a rabid dog rifling through the world's garbage cans. All it takes is a Democrat in the White House to keep them propped up, appeased, and comfortable knowing the United States has no intention on putting this blight on the world's population out of its misery. Boasting of a nuclear capability, North Korea now threatens to wipe the US off the face of the Earth if provoked. For all you liberals and left wing nincompoops, that means having North Korean missiles rain nuclear warheads down on your head. For the rest of us, it means the "talking part" is over.

I know the North Koreans don't have the capability to deliver nuclear weapons on ballistic missiles. What the North Koreans can do is terrorize South Korea, perhaps Japan, with short range missiles that could very well contain chemical or biological warheads. The north has a large and heavily indoctrinated military that will attempt to invade the south with the same effect they had in 1950. Trouble is, the south is more than capable of repelling such an invasion, and very likely will counter-strike the north to end the Korean nightmare once and for all. The problem is this: Seoul, the South Korean capital, lies in range of most North Korean artillery and short range missiles. Civilian casualties could number in the hundreds of thousands unless something is done to negate that threat. The combination of US/ROK air power and land/naval forces would brunt a full scale invasion by North Korean forces, but how do we avoid the horror of so many innocent South Koreans being killed for what will prove to be the grand finale of the north's despicable regime?

North Korea constantly brays about the inevitability of US military action. It's time we gave them something to worry about. As we wind down in Iraq, adequate forces can be deployed to Korea in a legitimate show of force -- not just the garrisoned cadre, but a full scale deployment of land, air, and sea forces that would demonstrate the resolve of the international community to end the threat coming from the north. It is insanity personified to allow this madman and his regime to hold millions hostage to death or serious injury by weapons of mass destruction. If the citizens of North Korea cannot liberate themselves, it is beyond time the international community -- including China and Russia -- do what is necessary to put evil in its place.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I've been following politics more or less since the Carter Administration. Roughly the same time I learned the value of a dollar, which put me way ahead of the former president in terms of economic understanding. Now I had occasion over the weekend to explain to my son that it is nearly a universal given that all politicians lie, but the ability of lib'ruls to twist words and spin news never fails to impress. In all those years of following politics, I cannot recall a president taking credit for "saving jobs". How exactly does the current administration calculate the number of jobs saved? Ouija board? Mood ring? Magic eightball? Or are they relying on the more tested lib'rul method of presenting information known as: "shout loudly, deny the facts and obfuscate the issue." This latter method is more popularly known in some social circles as "pulling arguments and numbers out of your posterior."

Today the gub'mint claimed to have saved some 150,000 jobs since coming into office. The President stated today that in addition to saving those jobs, the $787 billion stimulus package that was forced down our throats, would by the end of summer save or create a further 600,000 jobs. Where? We were assured when the President pressed Congress for the stimulus package that there would be tens of thousands of shovel ready jobs meaning that people could be put immediately to work. If that was so, then why has unemployment continued to climb? Simple, continued government interference in the free-market, in the form of higher taxes and increased regulation stifle both economic recovery and growth. Add into that the lack of accountability for the hundreds of billions of tax dollars already thrown at the situation for no apparent gain and even the densest politico has to acknowledge that the Imperial Federal Gubmint has exceeded its constitutional mandate.

Of course the nasty little secret about this mess is that the Obama administration has printed hundreds of billions of dollars to pump into the economic system. The bad thing here is that those dollars aren't backed up by much more than the printing presses that churned them out. Dollars have to be backed by value to maintain a stable economy. When you add more of them to the system, the rest of them are devalued. For those of you fledgling econ students, that means inflation. Anyone check the price of a loaf of bread or gallon of milk lately compared to last year or two years ago? Inflation is a comin' hard. Then we can really compare and contrast the current administration to another lib'rul failure refernced above, from 30 years past. Hmmm...lib'ruls...failure...I repeat myself...

Smilin' Paul Villa M.A., U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 LSUV Family

Friday, June 05, 2009

Gangsters understand and respect one thing whether on the street or in prison. Force. To the average American gangsters are intimidating only because they understand the use of force and indulge in the practice of wanton and violent application of it to effect their designs. I bring this up because for someone supposedly steeped in the tradition of Chicago gang history and dynamics, President Obama is either dangerously naive and ignorant about the basics of diplomacy or he is repudiating 60 years of American foreign policy. If Obama appears weak and conciliatory, it does not make our enemies and the world's opportunists like us more, instead it only serves to undermine our safety at home and abroad.

The problem for America is that doctrinaire lib'ruls like Obama always fail to make the same connection. Street gang thugs and tinpot third world dictatorial thugs who happen to control a country are cut from the same bolt of cloth. They think nothing of the most sociopathic behavior. History has demonstrated time and again that force is the only means by which to negotiate with them. Based on the utter lack of forceful response to either of the recent Iranian or North Korean provocations, and based on Obama's demonstrated fawning before the leaders of Islam and pan-Arabism, we are left to infer that either the Obama administration approves of the outlaw state actions and are sympathetic to their cause, or that the current American foriegn policy is incapable of dealing with a street level dispute in a major American city, much less the 5000 year struggle in the Middle East. Whether this change of course is due to naivete or conspiracy it matters not, in either event it does not bode well for America.

Obama bows to the Saudi King, he insults the Prime Minister of Great Britain and the British Queen with gifts more appropriate to an American teenager and he denigrates our intelligence and military communities in subtle ways with his words and actions. Today's blow comes in form of a dissed dinner invitation. On the eve of the D-Day Anniversary, French President Sarkozy had invited the Obama's to a formal supper at the Palace Elysee. The Obama's couldn't be troubled since they were staying at the American embassy, right next door. Too far to travel apparently. Perhaps had Obama been the beneficiary of a proper education in American History, he would have learned that France is our oldest ally, the one power who came to our aid when we most needed it in 1776-1778. I know I like to bash the French as much as the next guy and their most recent military history leaves something to be desired, but then again, I am not the official representative of the American people, the policymaker and the man who receives invitations to supper from the French President. (Memo to Sarko, Mrs. Smilin' Paul and I are free next Saturday...just sayin'...)

Of course left unsaid in this flurry of events is the obvious. Despite his protestations of centrism, Obama maintains a healthy disregard for anyone or anything to the political right. French President Sarkozy represents to the French people a seismic shift to the political right. Additionally his comments and actions towards the huge illegal muslim population in France have probably not warmed the cockles of our multicultural president's heart. So it is easier for the international socialist currently impersonating an American Commander in Chief to meet with self-indulgent dictators and sponsors of terrorism than it is to foster relations with our allies.

Of course his feel good diplomacy and less than tough talk have not stopped or even slowed the development of nuclear weapons by Iran and North Korea. Only today a new ICBM base was unveiled on the west coast of North Korea. Obama can always find the right words or actions to convey a sense of disdain for our friends, but it is a physical impossibility for him to forcefully renounce the actions of our enemies. To be sure he utters words that could loosely be construed as condemnation of nefarious foreign activity but his moves to finance and legitimize Middle East terrorists only serve to encourage the madmen in Pyongyang and Tehran. All of this activity can only viewed in the most alarmist terms in Israel. Our oldest ally in the Middle East and the only nation practicing democracy in that area prior to the Iraq War, is effectively left alone to confront the spectre of nuclear annihilation.

Where is the sanity? America is at war with radical Islam. The sooner that most Americans recognize that fact, the sooner we can move beyond the tragedy of this current administration, whose sole purpose thus far appears to be to destabilize the American economy, to renounce American foriegn policy and to subvert our culture. President Obama is the worst manifestation of overwrought multiculturalism. In foreign policy terms, this administration is overthinking everything on the side of the enemy. Just as you cannot make the Chicago gangs get along, you cannot achieve peace in the Middle East by feel good proclamations on one hand and backhanding our allies with the other. Geopolitical and military factors dictate one nation's response to another just as certainly as a drive-by shooting on the southside of Chicago will dictate a response from the intended victim gang.

The actions of Obama are at the same time staggeringly arrogant and naive. Israel has been left to stand alone despite the many concessions made on her part over the past 15 years. Palestinians will never be happy until there is no more Israel. The Israelis, who do not suffer the naivete of our Imperious Leader, understand their predicament. Let's hope it comes as no surprise to the Harvard whiz kids at the State Department when Israel turns to India or China to ensure her existence. It would serve us right.

Smilin' Paul Villa M.A., U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 LSUV Family