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Friday, June 20, 2008

It's taken me a couple of days but I wanted to reflect for a moment on the Father's Day just passed. This particular Father's Day was especially poignant. Only the day before, on Saturday I happened to be down at the feed store laying in some sweet feed for our old gelding. I watched as a couple of young boys, no more than 12 helped their father load the 50 lb sacks into the truck. Those stout young men were throwing the sacks around like hippie kids in Berkeley hoist a dime bag. I asked them if they liked working on a Saturday and they just grinned and said it kept them in shape for football and junior rodeo. It was a gratifying sight for anyone who contemplates the possibilities of democrats taking over the government trifecta of White House, Senate and Congress. (Given the voting proclivities of Justice Anthony Kennedy, I daresay the democrats already own the Supreme Court.) It also reminded me that I was witnessing a scene probably not available within say, 100 miles of Boston or New York.

In any event from the feed store it was on to the grocery store where I happened to run into an old friend of mine who attended the police academy with me. We don't see each other too often anymore having gone to different departments for our careers but have remained in touch on and off through the years. As rookies we had socialized more often and I remember being over at his house one day and holding his baby boy in my arms ever so briefly. As the years passed I watched that boy off and on as he matured into a pretty fair baseball player and scholar. In any event my friend had contacted me a couple of years ago asking me how his son should go about applying for appointment to the service academies. I gave him some information and contact numbers and thought no more of it. On Saturday my friend was bursting with pride when he told me that he was on his way to a picnic hosted by West Point Alumni for parents and incoming cadets. Yes, that same boy that I had once held in my arms as a baby, is now on his way to the United States Military Academy, West Point. From there he will hoist a rifle and stand on the wall, defending America and countless liberals who will scorn him and his chosen profession but who he will be nonetheless committed to protect.

Scenes like this on the day before Father's Day really fill me with hope. You see I believe in American Exceptionalism. The notion that America is truly great and unique and enjoys a unique history that defies relativistic interpretation and which sets us apart from the other nations of the world. In other words, I think that America is more than a country, it is a mindset, a history and an ideal. Boys like those I described are our future and the future of the country. No matter what the woolen knit cap crowd is doing on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley or Sixth St. in Austin, there are millions of kids in Legitimate America who will ensure that our mindset, history and ideals live on. To me that's kind of a reassuring thought when we are confronted with the horrifying prospect of President Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Even if that unfortunate event should come to pass, the greatness of America will overcome the clueless liberalism attendant to democrats. America is too great and Americans too resilient and individualistic to ever succumb to Marxism. Even when it's in a pretty package that resembles a trained parrot in its ability to read from a teleprompter.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family

Friday, June 06, 2008

Sixty four years ago today, the world was immersed in a brutal struggle between the forces of good and evil. On June 6, 1944, American military forces, in concert with a host of allied nations, initiated a massive invasion of Europe to dispose of the forces of evil. Given the scope of the mission -- extraordinary in its complexity and danger -- American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines were faced with incredible personal decisions. Do I do my duty, or do I avoid the responsibility in hopes some slick talking politician will end the threat?

History has proven slick talking politicians create war, exacerabate turmoil, and force men -- much stronger in the resolve and character department -- to undo the result of guileless appeasement and posturing. The invasion at Normandy was the culmination of strong, resolute men combining their resources to end a threat that was completely the doing of weak, spineless, appeasement oriented politicians.

I've written -- throughout my adult life -- of my unending respect and devotion to those men and women involved in the liberation of Europe. I will never let that respect and devotion pass away, nor will the lessons we, as a nation, learned through their courage and sacrifice. Many of the left wing/liberal dunces in our midst declare those of us standing strong for the Armed Forces to be "chickenhawks" or "warwongering backstage spectators". Well, just so the idiots inclined to suggest my commentary is not rooted in reality or qualified by action, I served over a decade in the US Armed Forces, honorably and faithfully. There are some that can attest to the intensity of military action with greater zeal, some that can describe the full-on horror of close combat, and some that have been tasked with the tremendous burden of command. My service included remarkable tours at Panmunjom, Korea -- member of the elite Joint Security Force First Platoon -- and as the flight deck final checker/powerplants troubleshooter -- with Carrier Air Wing Nine -- on board the USS Constellation. That service qualifies me to make these observations, and my life experience as a mortal sinner living in the United States provides the nexus for a host of other conclusions -- none of which support the fallacy of liberalism.

America is a nation -- a freedom based concept -- worth dying for. This does not remotely suggest Americans should die in a wasteful, baseless manner. People living within the legitimacy of the concept must be allowed to thrive and grow -- legitimate Americans describe this as liberty and mobility. When any element of humanity threatens the concept or those subscribing to its tenet philosophy, the threat must be eliminated. That, my fellow legitimate Americans, requires courage, resolve, and sacrifice.

Today, after five decades of unfettered liberal applications and distortions of the concept, Americans are bombarded with the fraud advanced by liberals in our institutions of information (media/education, etc.). By elevating liberal fraud above the process required to dispose of human waste, Americans -- trying to honor courage, resolve, and sacrifice -- have allowed entire generations to languish in a hopeless, victim oriented society, far removed from the liberty and mobility created by those hitting the beach at Normandy sixty four years ago.

In the aftermath of such tremendous courage and resolve, we learned racial discrimination was a sin against God Almighty and took the necessary steps to end a national nightmare. We learned avoiding the responsibility of telling the truth about the world around us was a crime -- a serious philosophical offense. Liberals took those lessons to a radical and dangerous extreme, declaring those seeking to temper the lessons into workable, permanent solutions to be "racist" or "intolerant". Bigotry and institutional prejudice are horrific acts by illegitimate persons residing in America, but what liberals have done to those liberated by righteous and decent Americans is more despicable than the actual acts of discrimination. Under the guise of protecting or defending the weak and innocent, liberals have institutionalized an underclass of dependent citizens, denying them rights, resolve, liberty, and mobility. Somehow, liberals felt failure should be rewarded, declaring access to the American dream limited and it just had to be regulated. These policies have doomed generations to low expectation and resignation to second class status.

When the developing industrial might of America produced dangers to the population, voices were raised -- rightfully so -- to end those dangerous practices. But, consistent with abuses that parallel every discrimination, every violent act against humanity, every unqualified political effort, liberals confiscated the forums provided in order to distort reality, creating an entire cottage industry of "protest" that has nearly crippled this nation. Perverting the Constitution, liberals abuse the courts (suing American businesses) in attempts to meet their nefarious goals. Abandoning the truth, liberals seek to create channels of information that are routinely manipulated with inaccuracies and distortions, all in the effort to accomplish the aforementioned nefarious goals. There is absolutely nothing -- within liberal doctrine -- that enhances liberty and mobility. All you have to do is examine liberal enclaves to confirm this fact.

Liberals will declare they stand for free speech and rights to conduct one's affairs as they see fit. No legitimate American denies that fundamental premise exists for everyone. What liberals have done is to distort the fundamentals so those unwilling to meet the responsibility of creating and preserving liberty and mobility can benefit from the efforts of those that do. Liberals and their left wing enablers would have you believe they can exist in a society that doesn't need petroleum or corporate style commercial enterprise. Yet, when we examine 99.9% of liberal enclaves, we see them stacked on top of one another in metropolitan dwellings, comprising the populations of America's most congested and crowded cities. The resources that must be used to power and support these liberal enclaves dwarfs the power and resource used by those communities less committed to massive demands on energy to keep them functional -- legitimate America. Liberals need all their following packed into tight groups; controlling their movements and lifestyle is imperative. Those of us disdaining urban congestion and the inherent social ills are villifed and scorned -- we are uneducated, uncaring isolationists, so they say. To live away from the crime and social failures liberals create is to demonstrate a narrow and selfish outlook; live on a ranch, raise your own food, sustain yourself with hard work and courage, you are not a compassionate human being, according to liberal doctrine.

You will find very, very few liberals capable of running a legitimate business or surviving outside the confines of urban convenience. Few liberals can repair machinery or build replacements, but they will try to tell you -- the one that actually builds, creates, and functions -- how it must be done and who will benefit. Few liberals understand how America actually survives in a violent, unpredictable world, but they will tell you how they wish the world to be. Few liberals realize just how stupid and inept they actually are, but the sheer domination of information services by liberals completely censors evidence of those failures. There has been no greater discriminatory process or threat to human liberty than the advancement of contemporary American liberalism.

Now that the Democrats have elevated a pandering socialist to the top spot in their Presidential nomination process, those media and information agents holding the liberal banner high will suggest legitimate Americans that don't support this empty suit are intolerant, unrepentant racists. Pure hogwash. The Democratic nominee personifies all that is wrong with American politics -- a slick orator with absolutely no clue how to run a company, tell the truth, or govern the most dynamic nation in the history of humankind. Like doped out groupies at a rock concert, flocks of underachievers look to this chattering fool from Illinois for a glimmer of hope -- getting dose after dose of "change, change, change".

We've asked before, pandering socialist: what is it you are going to change?

Americans need to realize this clown limped into the top spot with not even 10% of the registered vote -- Democrat, Republican, etc. His chief opponent, the wife of a disbarred, disgraced, and impeached former Arkansas governor, recorded a higher popular vote count -- approximately 12% of those aforementioned registered voters. Thanks to the comical machinations of the Democratic National Committee, two of the largest states in the nation will have their delegations reduced to one-half their original worth. Remember when the Democrats -- attempting to cherry pick counties in Florida during the 2000 campaign -- brayed to the heavens not all the votes were being counted?

These same lunatics -- the ones that want to control every aspect of your life -- are deliberately excluding half of Florida and Michigan voters, citing a "rule within the party apparatus". Funny, no one outside the Democratic Party gives two hoots in hell how feckless and inept they are when it comes to running their political machine, but legitimate Americans had damned sure wake up and realize these are the same nincompoops that want to run the country.

I'm not so sure the men storming the beaches of Normandy sixty four years ago would abide this sort of foolishness. It is hard for legitimate Americans to face reality in a very dangerous and hostile world, knowing that action against enemies could result in a tragic end. Ask yourself: if this were today, would we have had 150,000 men take on the challenge of Normandy had they known the US was being so horribly deceived and manipulated by the liberal/left wing establishment?

Awful tough dying for American liberals. It's a safe bet 99.999% of the troops involved in the current campaign against terrorism worldwide don't stick their neck out for the likes of Pelosi, Reid, etc., or give up a second's sleep worrying about San Francisco or Berkeley. That suits me fine. I served for my family and nation, not a gaggle of gutless liberal idiots. I would fight and die, if necessary, to defend and protect the millions of legitimate Americans making this the greatest nation on Earth.

Thank God my family flies a large American flag on the pole outside the home -- much like the flag that flew over Normandy sixty four years ago. We are honored to fly it every day, every week, every year. God bless the service and sacrifice of the men and women involved in the D-Day invasion. You will never be forgotten or abandoned.

June 6, 1944.