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Thursday, May 28, 2009

When the school district in your hometown makes the national news, it's usually for a bad reason. Today my hometown school district proved that rule. I'm saddened to learn about the decision of the Alameda (CA.) Unified School District to implement a compulsory 45 minute Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender lesson for children as young as kindergarten. For those of you who have not yet experienced the pure joy of parenthood, that would be the age of 5-6. Public schools have been crumbling for 30 years or more. Student scores are continually dropping on standardized tests and graduation rates are almost as appalling as literacy rates for school children. California is bankrupt and the Governor threatens to shorten the school year to ease budget strains. And while all of this is occuring, it seems more critical to School Board members for gay activists to force additional cultural Marxism down the throats of youngsters who do not even know the alphabet yet.

I don't know, maybe we could actually return to teaching kids the three "r's" and let the nanny-state progressives catch up to them AFTER they've learned how to read, write, cipher and think critically. Of course the gay mafia doesn't want this primarily because they understand that kids are most vulnerable at school and critical thinking skills would undermine their efforts to enforce a groupthink acceptance of something that is contrary to God's law, natural law and 5000 years of recorded history and Judeo-Christian tradition.

What this decision represents is the worst manifestation of the encroachment of cultural Marxism. For those of you who doubt the existence of a Marxist philosophy aimed at converting our culture and society rather than our economy, the two go hand in hand. Google the Frankfurt School, Georg Lukacs, Antonio Gramsci or Herbert Marcuse. You will see how thoroughly permeated the American educational system has become with Marxist cultural ideology, deconstruction of American values and morals and see how political correctness has become accepted, no, mandated.

For those of you too lazy to do the research here is the short story. Influential political philosphers in Germany and Italy during the pre-war years were viewed as a threat to the fascist governments. This was not because they believed in freedom mind you, it was because they were avowed communists. Fleeing persecution, many members of the German intelligentsia, known as the Frankfurt School, came to America where they were celebrated by their counterparts in academia and provided professorships at some of the most prestigious universities in the country, Columbia, Harvard and California-Berkeley. Gramsci, while imprisoned in Italy, wrote influential tracts detailing his vision for deconstructing Western culture. Gramsci theorized that the West was too closely tied to Christianity and the family. In order to impose his vision of a new social order, Gramsci wrote that the culture had to fundamentally change.

Well today we see the fruits of all their labors. Mass media culture tells us that widespread acceptance of homosexuality isn't enough. It has to be forcibly inculcated upon children who have no concept of sexuality. Of course that same mass media machine had itself been largely influenced by graduates from Eastern schools, where the philosophies of Antonio Gramsci, Georg Lukacs and the Frankfurt school are part and parcel of daily student matriculation. Thus in American public schools it has become in the space of 4 short decades, far more important to teach 5 year olds about the potential of same sex relationships than it is for those same children to learn phonics or simple addition. Of course when they complete their first resume in private industry, they can always point with (gay) pride to their certificate of successful completion for their enforced cultural Marxism in order to help them secure that first job. That should help a bunch. On the other hand, with big government taking over American industries at a pace that would dizzy the most ardent National Socialist, maybe that certificate might just be the ticket they need to land that cushy G-12 level admin job.

My only question is this...why couldn't this garbage have waited for the standard sex education classes that are already mandatory in the school district? Because it serves a gay activist agenda that serves to destroy traditional American values and just to disarm any lib'rul critics out there, on this one, I am fully supported by the Baby Harp Seal, my favorite doe-eyed tofu-eating, tree-hugging, fur eschewing, Obamessiah worshipping, vegan, lib'rul. Who ever said that we can't find common ground. Even lib'rul parents, at least those who aren't completely devoid of common sense can see that there is no purpose to teaching this bilge to kindergartners, unless that purpose is solely to advance an agenda.

Smilin' Paul Villa U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family

Thursday, May 21, 2009

First, hearty apologies all around for not being more active in these parts. Let's just say I've been very busy trying to avoid being completely wiped out by the insanity surrounding the foibles of Hopey-Dopey and his crew in Washington, D.C. When we predicted the demise of all things American after this band of morons took the reins, we did so expecting things not to be quite so bad so quickly.

Folks, we are enduring a national nightmare.

It didn't take long for Hopey-Dopey to turn a spate of government overspending into an orgy of debt and incompetence. Not only did the "stimulus" package fail to stimulate anything, it created an avalanche of consumer and business distress being felt the world over. Legitimate Americans recognized this massive fraud and staged protests -- none of which received near the media attention a Cindy Sheehan hunger strike might have. We've accounted for the media's complicity in all this madness, but it's high time legitimate Americans stopped being pawns in the liberal game. This country is greater than these liberal morons -- I fear we are being too confident in our ability to stifle their influence with "patience and grace". To be frank, it's time to begin the campaign of putting liberals on a fast track to the septic tank of history.

I don't blame the pandering socialist and racist currently pretending to be the Chief Executive of the United States for our dilemma. I blame lazy, arrogant Americans for ignoring simple facts about how this country provided this gaggle of liberals the ability to acquire power and influence in the first place. We've often chronicled the failings of liberalism and socialism, but, somehow, many citizens wandering in our midst believe some magical spell will be cast over the land, ending crime, pestilence, and corruption -- only if those placed in high office were actively demonstrating "compassion and understanding". This fantasy gets people killed. If that strikes you as a bit draconian, then you are part of the problem.

Recently, a very liberal citizen of my hometown wrote a letter to the editor of our local newspaper. Many of us here in the bastions of legitimate America were surprised to realize a truly dangerous and naive soul lived among us. In that letter, this clueless liberal moron described the architects of 9/11 and their al Qaeda benefactors as simple and misguided men, clinging to a set of ideals we didn't understand or fully appreciate. The letter went on to deride the Bush administration -- as we've seen these liberal pond scum demonstrate repeatedly -- for engaging in "enhanced interrogation techniques", suggesting such techniques were a gross violation of national ideals and values. It seems liberals believe our national identity is rooted in a passive, appeasing mindset that will not actively resist the type of horror inflicted by "simple, misguided men with ambiguous ideology". If America takes a pro-active posture against these misguided souls, according to these liberals idiots, we've betrayed everything this country stands for. I have never read or heard such unmitigated horse dung in my life.

We -- legitimate Americans -- believe in due process and fairness (note to liberals: notice there is no qualification standard in that statement -- it applies to everyone). Even the most hideous criminals are given their day in court. We point out this simple fact because a hideous criminal, captured and brought to trial, had to commit a hideous crime in order to find him/herself in the criminal justice system. We, of course, strive to protect our people from hideous criminals, but when we fail to intercept their scheme early on, someone gets hurt. We spend a king's fortune pursuing the perpetrator and offering that person every right available. However, as time and technology progressed, we learned how to stop the most horrific or hideous criminal acts long before they could be taken -- a process that is not friendly to the criminal element. Liberals find this pro-active posture disturbing because it involves doing some very nasty things to very nasty people. It may be jungle law to some, but it works to keep millions of Americans safe from being slaughtered in shopping malls or major sporting events (note to liberals: wherever large accumulations of innocent people might be found, a hideous criminal will be lurking).

Brother Paul has a long and distinguished career underway as a police officer. My family spent decades in the police business, and I can attest to the fortitude and patience those occupying the role of public protectors must possess in this day and age. Thanks to the same liberal mindset that believes al Qaeda is "misguided", thousands of Americans will become victims of violent crime today. Hundreds of women will be raped, dozens of children murdered or molested, and millions of dollars will be stolen or otherwise misappropriated. Before anyone believes I am stating law enforcement can prevent each of these crimes from taking place, I will make this declaration -- if law enforcement is given the opportunity to act in a responsible and pro-active manner, many of those crimes would be prevented. I can hear the liberals howling now -- how many "rights" do we forfeit to accomplish this fairy tale of public safety?

The same rights you forfeited yesterday. No...wait a second. You didn't forfeit any rights. How about the same rights you forfeited when the Patriot Act was enacted? didn't forfeit any rights then. Let's spell it out for you liberal dumbasses: if I know you are going to break into my house, molest my children, then kill me, I'd be a complete failure as a citizen, parent, and human being if all I did was allow such a tragedy to occur. On the other hand, if I took action to prevent it from happening, we'd have a discussion about that action and how effective it might be deterring similar attempts in the future. I will not engage in flights of fancy depicting how I might intervene in a home invasion of the sort described heretofore, but let's just say the only things required for "post action" would be a mop and large bucket.

I could care less how upset a liberal might get hearing me say that -- or have them read it here. In fact, I openly insist that liberal is the reason why I am having to take such extreme measures in the first place. Once they digest the reality of that charge, the talking part is over. Legitimate Americans need to carry this simple logic to its fullest and regain control of the American destiny. Criminals and pond scum do not dictate our future. Liberals do not help people find jobs or enhance their lifes. Crazed ideologues from some third world hellhole do not rate the levels of diplomatic effort a common household cockroach might be provided by a can of aerosol repellant. Finally, the Hopey-Dopey regime must be negated and devalued at every turn. Do what you can, when you can, to end this nightmare.

Just another moment in reality brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Spider Dan.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The legal definition of an expert is someone who knows more about a given topic than the average layperson on the street. With that in mind, I often bloviate on topics upon which I am admittedly not an expert. However that doesn't disqualify me from making common sense observations about such things as energy and education policy. Common sense being somewhat alien to the American Lib'rul. However tonight I take keyboard in hand to address two topics upon which I think I can safely be called an expert.

First off I have previously been certified in Nevada courtrooms as an expert on gangs. I bring this up because the general attitude and approach to business of the Obama administration reflects the Chicago street gang mentality. Under the current administration the federal government has been transformed into outright thugs. California is being crushed by debt and her allegedly republican governor calls for federal bailout funds. No problem comes the response from Washington. We’d be happy to send tens of billions of legitimate Americans tax dollars to float your unrestricted addiction to spending. Like a dealer extending a hit on credit to a jonesing junkie.

No sooner did the governator sigh in relief than the Obama Gangster Disciples laid down the conditions. NO government cuts or lay offs to any jobs covered by the Service Employees International Union. The same group that just happens to have invested $60 million in electing Obama and the union’s democrat enablers in the late election. In the gang subculture, actions like this are known as “taking care of your homies.” Then there is the classic gangster shakedown of GM and Chrysler that the American public has been witness to and victims of.

In the case of the automakers the gangsters got paid off on a daily-double. First they shook down the American taxpayer for billions in loans to GM and Chrysler in order to help the automakers stave off bankruptcy. Now scant weeks later, we the taxpayers are out billions and the two automakers are on the precipice of bankruptcy anyway. This is where the Obama Gangster Disciples swooped in to score the second half of the double. Needing more bailout money, in true Chicago style the automakers were extended an offer they couldn’t refuse. Restructuring under bankruptcy usually allows a company to organize debts in order of priority. Preferred bond holders are those who loaned the company money or otherwise invested in particularly risky times, under the assurances that in any bankruptcy proceeding, they would receive first consideration for repayment of debt. This is no guarantee that they would recover 100% of each dollar invested, merely that when the scraps are divided, they receive the best possible portion.

Well the OGD’s offered preferred bond holders 30 cents on each dollar of their investment. This when other sources and the market conditions indicated repayment of at least 60 cents on the dollar. When the bond holders balked, the bully boys from the Obama Gangster Disciples threatened private industry with severance of bailout money and legal protections. Of course the automakers, caught between a rock and a hard place and needing federal bailout money are knuckling under. In the gang subculture this is known as a “protection racket”. Seems like the federal government under lib’rul direction has finally taken to free enterprise, conducted at gunpoint.

The second issue I intend to address here today is the uproar over the controversial upcoming visit of the Obamessiah to Notre Dame. Being a practicing Catholic and pro-life I can aver that I possess a degree of expertise on this topic. Personally I have no problem with Notre Dame inviting the president to speak at commencement. As the recent debacle involving Miss California has shown, it is the lib’ruls who are afraid of free speech, not rock ribbed conservatives such as myself. Besides, I reckon any man who needs to emerge from Greco-Roman columns at his nominating convention probably needs a sweeping backdrop like Touchdown Jesus in order to make folks forget his painfully thin resume. So I say let the man from the teleprompter.

My problem comes with the administration of Notre Dame HONORING the man with a doctorate in law. Generally an institution of higher learning awards honorary doctorates for outstanding achievements the field the recipient is acknowledged in. Now Obama claims to have been both an editor of the Harvard Law Review and a professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago. (A claim I find amusing since I had previously assumed that a professor of constitutional law would have to have read the document before he could teach about it. My bad…) Nothing is more indicative of the president’s utter inexperience than his very career prior to assuming office.

We know that the anointed one spent a decade in academia, completely shielded from legitimate Americans. We know that prior to that, he claims to have been on Harvard Law Review, curiously no one can produce any of his writings from his time there. This defies credulity since almost any law review student is by definition a prolific writer of legal opinion. Of course our president was born under a lucky affirmative action star. So in short, invite O’Bama, have him address the Irish, but do NOT honor him for he has accomplished nothing of note in the legal field. Unless you count associating with Rahm Emmanuel and charting a path to the presidency as work worthy of the body of American jurisprudence.

Smilin' Paul Villa M.A., U.S. Senate 2010
cyber-Congressman, R-Reno
Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and 2 SUV Family